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  • Ah, hello! As it's almost summer and it promises to be hot, today I'm making one of my favourite

  • summer drinks, Ginger Beer. For this recipe, you will need...

  • Water

  • Sugar

  • Lemon zest

  • Ginger

  • Yeast

  • and bread.

  • I'm preparing my lemon zest very carefully. I'm just cutting off the peel as I don't want

  • any of the pith, the white, as that can be very bitter. Ginger beer is very popular in

  • the summer with both the family and the servants. Ginger when it's dried is quite cheap but

  • even fresh it's not too expensive. I get mine from the grocer in Walden. I prefer the Indian

  • ginger. I think it's finer.

  • You can of course buy ginger beer very easily but I like to make my own. Now that I've peeled

  • it I'm going to chop it and bruise it a little. I like ginger beer recipes. I collect them.

  • I already have three in my recipe book. This one is from the Field newspaper. Lord and

  • Lady Braybrooke take it and so I've copied it down.

  • The preparation is nice and simple. I'm going to melt some sugar in boiling water.

  • Our hot water comes from a cistern on the roof. The rain water is then brought down

  • to a boiler behind the range. When it's lit, which it nearly always is, we have lots of

  • hot water. Now I'm going to add the lemon and ginger.

  • For drinking water we have standing pipes that provide nice fresh water, although when

  • we're in London at the town house I'm a little more careful. There are some parts of London

  • where the water is not nice! Although the kettle is always on for a cup of tea.

  • There. I need to leave this now until it's just slightly warm.

  • Next I'm going to add the yeast. They used to brew beer here at Audley End House, but

  • that stopped quite a few years ago. Now we have to buy the yeast in from local breweries

  • or we can buy the German yeast that comes in compressed blocks. You can buy yeast in

  • a powder! However you use it, you must make a paste.

  • I'm now going to take this piece of toast that's still warm from the fire and spread

  • it with the yeast.

  • This will add more flavour and help the yeast work.

  • I'm going to cover it and put it by the fire for about two days.

  • Now that my ginger beer has fermented, I'm going to strain it before I put it in bottles.

  • It's important to strain it through a butter muslin or a very fine cloth otherwise it might

  • still continue to ferment in the bottles, and then it could blow their tops off!

  • Some ginger beers get better with age but this one is best drunk straight away so I'm

  • now going to bottle it. I've got quite a few here. You are supposed to send them back but

  • not everyone does.

  • This one comes from London, someone must have brought it up from Upper Brook Street. This

  • one from Chelmsford just up the road. This one from Norwich near where I used to work.

  • Caley's. They're an old firm. And this one, it's Schweppes. They're everywhere.

  • This isn't very strong at the moment. But it will get stronger the longer you keep it,

  • as Mr Lincoln found out when he found a bottle at the back of the cupboard that must have

  • been over a year old and then later his footman asleep under a tree.

  • A nice refreshing summer drink. Ginger beer.

Ah, hello! As it's almost summer and it promises to be hot, today I'm making one of my favourite

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How to Make Ginger Beer - The Victorian Way

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