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  • Hi guys. Welcome back.

  • Sorry if I'm talking a little bit low today, but I am actually next to a very nice temple and I don't want to disturb too much.

  • Today's topic is going to be: "why Japanese streets are so clean and neat?"

  • And my target is going to be to find some trash in the street.

  • Let's see if we can find it, let's go

  • [Little Things in Japan.]

  • One of the elements the surprise is foreigners the most while visiting Japan is the total absence of litter in the streets.

  • Cleanliness, and neatness rule, and it's actually very difficult to find some trash around, even if you look for that by purpose.

  • And the surprise, surprise all of that happens without trash bins around the cities.

  • So how this can work?

  • Even with this contradiction?

  • Yes, of course, you can find a lot of signals telling you not to throw garbage in the street or leave your dog's stool around, but the main reason is to be found in a lifestyle and culture of Japanese people.

  • Did you know, for example, that at Japanese elementary schools there are no janitors and all the cleaning work is performed by the scholars themselves.

  • For real!

  • It is easy then to develop a sense of responsibility that, as you would expect, expands outside the school moves to the neighborhood where also adults contribute to maintain it clean.

  • You see this guy?

  • It's my morning hero!

  • Then, the same behavior expands naturally to your city, to your country, and just becomes part of you.

  • So, if you have watched the video images so far, you have noticed that no litter is around.

  • Whether we are walking on a big street, a secondary one, or even a work-in-progress site.

  • By the way, how cool is this traffic delimiter?

  • So, let me try to raise the bar and go somewhere you can usually find a lot of garbage ...

  • ... a drainage canal

  • [Let's see.]

  • Nothing.

  • No luck even this time.

  • Okay then, let's continue our research.

  • [Another "no littering" sign.]

  • [Another immaculate drainage canal.]

  • [I kept walking until finally ...]

  • Finally, I got something to show you.

  • Here we are.

  • The only piece of trash in something like half an hour of walk.

  • Really, the only one.

  • Wow! That was a tough one!

  • One piece of trash in about three kilometers radius.

  • Even if I live here now, still, this aspect of Japan doesn't stop to amaze me.

  • But what about you?

  • Is your country as clean as Japan?

  • Let me know in the comments

  • And, uh, hey, don't forget to subscribe for more videos

  • See you next time!

Hi guys. Welcome back.

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