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  • We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of flem.

  • So today we go viral to see what's inside flu zone flu vaccine.

  • But first since there are literally thousands of influenza variants, the World Health Organization must determine the four strains most likely to circulate each year generally to be viruses which affect humans and to a viruses that can infect animals as well like swine flu.

  • Once selected, the variants are injected into the atlantic fluid between the embryo and shell of fertilized chicken eggs to replicate before the dense virus is separated from the surrounding proteins in a centrifuge, meaning your flu shot may contain trace amounts of some pretty well scrambled eggs along with gelatin from animal collagen, like the kind found in jello used to stabilize the vaccine during storage and shipping.

  • Far less appetizing is formaldehyde, which crossings proteins of the virus to prevent it from causing illness while your immune system learns to recognize and fight the foreign invader.

  • But don't worry since our blood already contains 13,000 micrograms of formaldehyde, the extra .8 in a typical dose, barely registers while science provides our annual shot at staying healthy.

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