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Do I say something? Is it me?
What do I say? What?
(inaudible speaking)
Oh, we've got to there already?
Oh, f*ck, sorry.
- In three, two--
- (laughs)

(Oberyn) You don't partake?
Oh, I partook. Now I'm married.
Prince Oberyn, if I may. A word in private--
When would the willing--(laughs)
(Tywin) When would the wedding take place, in your mind?
Can't remember.
- (Tyrion) ...I am imagining!
- Whoa!

(The Hound) Maybe you ought to put on a dress.
To thank the gods for bringing to an end the recent...
- We made a sacred vow--
- I was trying to get back...(mumbling)

(Joffrey) Hurry up, this pie is dry.
Come over here!
(Cockney accent) I'm a khaleesi, not a queen. [bleep], me.
(chains clatter)
(applause and cheering)
(steady clapping)
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Game of Thrones: Season 4 Bloopers (Comic Con)

3206 Folder Collection
Bryan Pai published on August 14, 2014
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