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  • You're in London, you're waiting for your bus, and you see this:

  • 'Due?' What the hell is 'due'?

  • Really 'due' (/ʤu:/), or 'due' (/dju:/), you can pronounce it both ways, it just means it's expected.

  • So, he could just say 'the bus number 31 is... expected now', so it's coming now.

  • But there are other ways of using 'due'.

  • So, how do we use 'due to'?

  • This is a much more formal way to say something's expected at this time, so, usually, for scheduled things, for example with transport:

  • So for example: 'My flight is due to arrive at seven', 'my train is due to leave or depart at three', 'it's due to depart in thirty minutes.'

  • So, that 'due to' just means it's expected to do something - do something at a scheduled time.

  • Not just transport, another example :

  • You could, but again, it's very formal, so you probably wouldn't say 'the show is due to begin in ten minutes.'

  • You could say that, but it's very formal, so probably, you should just say, 'the show is going to start in ten minutes.'

  • A more common way of using 'due' for an expected time is this:

  • If you're pregnant, you might want to say: 'The baby is going to come in four months.'

  • You could say: 'I'm due in four months', like 'I'm expected to... give birth'.

  • So, does it only mean it's expected to happen at a certain time?

  • No! There's another meaning!

  • Let's imagine it's tennis season, and today is a big, big day, it's the final, but, there's too much rain, and you can't play.

  • So, they have to cancel the match.

  • You could say, 'it's cancelled because of the weather', 'because of the rain' but you could also say 'due to'.

  • So, could be : 'it's cancelled due to the weather', 'due to the rain'.

  • So, 'due to'; another meaning is 'because of'.

  • But again, it's a much more formal way of saying 'because of'.

  • You won't say, for example: 'I can't meet you today due to the weather.'

  • Your friend will think you're crazy.

  • You'd say : 'I can't meet you because of the weather, because of the rubbish rain that's always happening in London.'

  • So, again, more formal way of saying 'because of' : 'due to'.

  • More formal way of saying 'something's expected at a certain time', for example, transport, baby, you could say 'due to happen at a certain time'.

  • So, you want to give someone a formal reason for something.

  • For example, if you lose your job, your boss might explain you the situation using 'due to', for example :

  • For example, if you lose your job because your breath is... really awful, your boss might say: 'We had to fire you because of, "due to" your bad breath.'

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You're in London, you're waiting for your bus, and you see this:

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