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  • Are you taking a bite?

  • - I'm trying to its hard.

  • Okay , well it's for the dog.

  • - What?

  • (upbeat music)

  • Hello! who is this?

  • This is Ari and she's my puppy.

  • This is my dog, Zoe. She's nine months old.

  • This is Camille.

  • What type of stuff does Camille like to eat?

  • She likes bacon.

  • Have you ever tried any of her food?

  • No, my Papa once thought,

  • that this dog food thing was at cookie and he ate it.

  • was it?

  • I don't know.

  • Hold on, Ari.

  • Do you have any idea what that might be.

  • Mac...I forgot how to say a macarons.

  • Are you trying to take a bite?

  • I'm trying to, it's hard.

  • Okay well it's for the dog.

  • What?

  • Come on, eat one.

  • She's not trying any of them. Maybe something else.

  • She likes whip cream.

  • Really?

  • - Mmmh.

  • When Zoe goes to the doctor and get a shot,

  • she eats whip cream.

  • Wait, which ones are mine? Which ones for her?

  • They're both for her.

  • It's beer.

  • Dog beer. That's weird.

  • Oop, she's drinking.

  • Cocker doodle brew.

  • Has anybody had the beer?

  • No, but I don't know if you'd wanna try it.

  • It's mostly meat water.

  • Eew!

  • Wanna try feeding her the broth?

  • See if she'll eat it.

  • It's not broth, Mom. It's beer.

  • Ari sit. Okay.

  • Ari sit, good girl

  • She's eating it.

  • She's eating it all. Was it yummy?

  • You spilled like the half of it,

  • here eat that.

  • She likes it. She loved it all.

  • Oh, she loves it.

  • Looks like it has green beans in it.

  • Yeah. That is Thanksgiving dinner

  • Oh, that's why green beans and turkey.

  • Oh, are you done finally?

  • That was the biggest thing she's eaten ever I think.

  • Did you like that? Did you?

  • Does she ever eat your guys food

  • off your plate?

  • Some, one time. She just jump.

  • I said Zoe get off of my chair.

  • You naughty girl.

  • Austin, if you just wanna finish

  • her plate there.

  • I'll just give you a fork.

  • No.

  • No, say bye. Bye.

Are you taking a bite?

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