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  • Hi guys.

  • Today, I'm going to tell you my best tips on how to stop procrastinating.

  • In this video, I'll talk about three main causes of procrastination and how to deal with them, and some other strategies to just get started.

  • One cause of procrastination is that you're waiting for the perfect time.

  • You might feel like putting things off because it'd be better if you did them later.

  • Changing to a more now-focused mindset takes time, but one quick thing to help with this is preparing everything before you start working.

  • For example, get out your notes, textbook, pens, and other supplies you need before you start studying.

  • Something else that makes it difficult to work is that you feel overwhelmed?

  • My favorite way to address this is dividing larger tasks into small parts.

  • So, for example, "make presentation" becomes "edit speech, write bullet points, open PowerPoint template," and so on.

  • if You still feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to do, try the two-minute rule.

  • For this strategy, tell yourself that you only need to work for two minutes.

  • This mindset helps you ease into a workflow since two minutes seems easy and manageable.

  • Usually, after two minutes, you'll want to continue, but if not, you can move on to two minutes on the next task.

  • Sometimes, you might be procrastinating even while getting stuff done.

  • Because you're putting off harder, but more important tasks by doing easy things.

  • For example you might be reorganizing your closet instead of writing your research paper.

  • Make sure you do the important things first instead of procrastinating productively.

  • The third and most common cause of procrastination is that you feel like working will be uncomfortable, so you just want to avoid it.

  • The two-minute rule can be helpful for this problem because the work is never as painful as you think it is, so just getting started will help.

  • Another strategy for this is to do something that will make you more comfortable.

  • You can play your favorite music, study in a comfortable chair, or anything else you like, then you won't feel so miserable at just the thought of working.

  • Something that can motivate you to get started is visualization.

  • Imagine the best-case scenario, what would happen if you did the work?

  • Then imagine the worst-case scenario: the worst possible outcome if you don't do it.

  • This should motivate you to work toward the better result and avoid the negative one.

  • If these long-term results don't motivate you, short-term rewards are also handy.

  • For example, you can give yourself a gummy bear for each chapter that you read.

  • One of my favorite strategies, which combines the two-minute rule and rewards is the Pomodoro method.

  • In this method, you work for 25 minutes, and then reward yourself with a five-minute break.

  • All these tips can make it easier to get started, but when it comes down to it, you just have to do it.

  • This video is your sign to get started.

  • After you finish this video, close your device and get to work.

  • I Hope this video helped you out.

  • I'll link my Tumblr and Instagram in the description, and I post new videos every Monday and Friday.

  • You can look at all this stuff after you finish all your work.

  • See you then.

Hi guys.

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