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  • You know, here's an idea.

  • Why don't, uh, I put the food in the fridge and we can eat it later?

  • That sounds like a plan.

  • Um, is there a place that I could go freshen up?

  • Yeah, yeah, um, just down the hall and, uh, second door to your left.

  • Oh, hi, darling.

  • Mom, dad! What are you guys doing here?

  • Oh, we cut the trip short.

  • France sucks!

  • Um, this may be a little weird, but I-I've got a date here.

  • Oh, well, say no more.

  • We'll just grab some food, take it with us upstairs, and we'll be out of your hair.

  • Oh, that-that'd be great.

  • So, you didn't even get to Italy?

  • Yep. Sucks!

  • Hi, you.

  • Oh my God!

  • I know, I can do more than cook.

  • I like her. She seems smart.

  • Uh, Rachel, my parents.

  • Oh, so nice to meet you.

  • -Hi. -Hello. Hello.

  • Oh, Joshua, that $500 was for groceries.

  • What? Th-th-this? No.

  • Oh, no, no, no, this is not..

  • That's not what, that's not what it is.

  • You see, okay, I work in fashion.

  • See, and-and this is a real dress, actually.

  • It is, they're-they're wearing it in Milan.

  • It's..

  • So, part of my job is to wear the clothes, and then I see how people respond, and then I report back to my superiors at Bloomingdale's.

  • And, obviously, in, uh, in-in this case, I am-am going to report back, "USA not ready."

  • Maybe in LA.

  • Yes.

  • There you go.

  • So, have you kids eaten yet?

  • Well, we were gonna do that after.

  • I mean, um..

  • Next.

  • Well, we're starving. Why don't we just all go get something to eat?

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Well... yeah, no use wasting this baby just lying around the house.

  • So, we'll go eat.

  • -Yeah. -You'll wear that.

  • We'll be eating, and, of course, you'll be wearing that.

You know, here's an idea.

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Friends: Rachel Gets Caught Wearing Lingerie (Season 4 Clip) | TBS

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