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  • If you could go back...

  • ten years ago or whatever...

  • and do it all again....

  • -would you? -You kidding?

  • Didn't matter what choices we made,

  • we would've ended up right here...

  • on this bed...

  • sitting next to each other in prison.

  • -Doomed to be together. -Exactly.

  • In the beginning, when Netflix said,

  • "You know, we'll do a whole season on the air,"

  • we didn't care where it was.

  • It was just like, full budget, no pilot. We're in.

  • Where we started season one, in terms of the prison

  • industrial complex...

  • -Yeah. was the people

  • that we were looking into,

  • and over time, we've really expanded.

  • Orange has become this really great

  • voice for people.

  • It's so wonderful to be a part of.

  • It speaks to the world.

  • You go anywhere and people stop you

  • and just relate to somebody in the show.

  • Caputo! Caputo!

  • This show has absolutely nothing to do

  • with women in prison.

  • This is a story about

  • people and their lives.

  • The LGBTQ relationships in the show,

  • they were treated as love stories,

  • like any other love story.

  • In 2013, there was something really groundbreaking

  • about Sophia.

  • A trans person to play a trans character

  • is a really big deal.

  • Now you want some real advice?

  • From my second mom or my used-to-be dad?

  • From former man...

  • to current man.

  • We were talking about real issues

  • that were happening in America.

  • Nobody does that on television.

  • Very Jenji Kohan.

  • And quintessentially Orange is the New Black.

  • If you were to kind of sum up the seven seasons,

  • it is that life will deal you some blows,

  • but if you can learn to laugh at it,

  • then, yeah, you can find happiness.

  • This is the end for real.

  • We all didn't know what this was gonna turn into in.

  • And the magic that was created,

  • just purely off trying to tell a great story.

  • To the fans of the show,

  • we feel, and see you, and hear you.

  • And your support for us has been immense

  • and has changed our lives forever.

  • If you weren't watching, we would not be here.

  • So, thank you.

  • We wept the other day

  • in a way that was not cute.

  • It was grown-up weeping.

  • I think it was a little cute.

  • When you really love something,

  • and get the opportunity to do it,

  • it just gives you this sense of freedom.

  • Jenji Kohan changed my life...

  • because she allowed me to play.

  • We've really created a family here.

  • We've been together a really long time.

  • Let's try to stay in each other's lives,

  • because this is a special group.

  • I don't think I believe in goodbyes.

If you could go back...

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Orange is the New Black | The Final Bow, Featurette | Netflix

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