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  • What time is it?

  • Hello.

  • Today we're looking at 'How to tell the time'.

  • First of all, how do we ask what the time is?

  • It's very simple.

  • So, if someone's asked you 'What time is it?' what are you going to say in response?

  • If the clock is on the hour then you can very simply say: 'It's three o'clock.' 'It's three o'clock.'

  • However, if you want to specify between morning or afternoon, then you can say 'it's three p.m.'.

  • 'P.M.' is for any time between noon and midnight.

  • 'A.M.' is for anytime between midnight and noon.

  • If the time shows anything between the hour and half past the hour, we use the word 'past'.

  • So, we have five past.

  • Ten past.

  • Quarter past.

  • Twenty past.

  • Twenty-five past.

  • And half past. 'Half past.'

  • So, did you notice, actually that the only thing that was slightly odd there was when we got to the quarter.

  • Fifteen minutes past.

  • Sometimes we will say fifteen minutes past, but it's easy enough to say 'quarter past'.

  • It's a quarter of the entire circle.

  • It's quarter past.

  • Now, anything between the half past position, and back to the hour, we are going to look at 'to'.

  • So the word we use is 'to'.

  • So we move around.

  • Twenty-five to.

  • Twenty to.

  • Quarter to.

  • Now we very rarely say 'fifteen minutes to'.

  • Very rarely!

  • Ten to.

  • Five to.

  • Four o'clock.

  • Now there are many variations in how you can tell the time.

  • Some people like to use the twenty- four-hour clock.

  • So instead of '6:30 p.m.,' you might get 'It's 18:30'.

  • And Instead of '5:25 a.m.' you might get 'It's 05:25'.

  • Just remember that in the beginning half of the hour we say 'past'.

  • In the last half of the hour we say 'to'.

  • 'Past' and 'to'.

  • Oh, look at the time!

  • I'm afraid it's time for me to go.

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  • Goodbye for now!

What time is it?

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Telling the Time: British English

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