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  • Hello everyone.

  • Welcome to WAO RYU! channel.

  • It's been quite rainy these days in Tokyo that is why we decided to explore some indoor activities in Harajuku.

  • Here you get to find a place where you can play with some special animals like chinchillas, rabbits, hedgehogs, even otters.

  • This place is called Harry Terrace Zoo, and yes we're about to go and play with some chinchillas. So let's give it a try.

  • Tokyo is well known for the variety when it comes to animal cafes.

  • The animal cafe craze started with the cat cafes, but it's soon expanded and now we can choose from cafes with hedgehogs, piglets, otters chinchillas, owls and more.

  • At the animal cafe Harry, you get to play with all sorts of animals.

  • We decided to visit their cafe in Harajuku to spend a rainy afternoon playing with these soft creatures and get to know their personalities better.

  • Once you enter, you're welcomed by a bunny called Toscan, who is jumping around the cafe freely, enjoying the company of the visitors.

  • What might truly get your attention?

  • Are the otters staring at you hoping you are about to feed them?

  • I was definitely up for the challenge.

  • So what is this cafe's goal and why was it created?

  • [Japanese] As the world's first Hedgehog cafe, the first store opened in Roppongi, we want you to enjoy the cuteness of small animals. There are many animals beside the hedgehog as well.

  • And what specific animal would you like to introduce to us.

  • [Japanese] I want to introduce to you all the animals, but since this Harajuku Terrace store is an otter cafe, so it must be the otters. Including all the babies born in February, there are 9 otters living as a family.

  • What kind of customers visit Harry animal cafe?

  • [Japanese] It's mainly young women in their 20s and 30s, but families with small kids visit. And before the COVID, many people from abroad came as well.

  • What are Harry animal cafe's hopes for the future?

  • [Japanese] We want to make an happy atmosphere for all the animals where they can live happily and comfortably.

  • [Japanese] We are in a difficult situation, but at Harry we have hedgehog, otters and capybara. There are many types of animals living there.

  • [Japanese] So when you come to Japan again, I hope you can come to Harry to meet all the animals.

  • And now it's time to play with otters. Since it was my first time seeing an otter, I was quite nervous, but I was willing to take on a challenge.

  • Outside of the cafe is the pool for grown up otters where you can feed them and see them play.

  • So how did you like this experience?

  • I got to say that I was a bit scared at first because it's not every day that you get to play with otters and chinchillas, those were especially scary.

  • But at the end I got used to it and I got to say that I enjoyed it. It was quite an experience.

  • So make sure to try when you come to Tokyo. See you again.

  • Bye.

Hello everyone.

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