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  • The NES had a lot going for it. Y’know, wide variety of games, the industry leader

  • for an entire generation, responsible for dispelling the stigma aroundVideo Games

  • that lingered in America after the Crash of ‘83. But perhaps one of its most endearing

  • traits was that it could almost handle the arcade hits of its time. Everything from Teenage

  • Mutant Ninja Turtles to Operation Wolf to Rampage eventually found their ways into our

  • homes, via that big grey box. Not every transition was flawless, though; it’d still be several

  • years until the home consoles would catch up to their quarter-slurping equivalents.

  • This NES version of Bubble Bobble lacks a little bit of the shine of its stand-up counterpart,

  • but it’s still an awesome game in any form.

  • Bub and Bob went out for a walk. And then their girlfriends were abducted, and they

  • were turned into dinosaurs. Man, some neighborhoods are just ROUGH. Anyway, they now find themselves

  • trapped in a progression of mazes, full of weird-looking hostile things that want to

  • kill them, from mechanical wind-up... things... to these ghost things that throw rocks, to...

  • whatever those squid-looking flying things are... man. Enemy design back in the 80s mustve

  • been a great way to put your acid flashbacks to good use. Anyway, as a newly-minted dinosaur-thing,

  • you can neutralize these threats by use of... Bubbles. And not the Powerpuff girl with the

  • pigtails, actual bubbles which you can exhale and use to capture foes. Man, that’s gotta

  • be SOME mucus. You might want to consult your physician if that lasts for longer than four

  • hours.

  • Anyway. Once a foe is trapped thusly, all you have to do is pop the bubble, by jumping

  • on it, running at it, head-butting it, what have you, and said hostile is expelled violently

  • and turned into an apple or a cucumber or something that might be tasty, if you didn’t

  • know where that thing has been. Still, points are points. In addition to their utility as

  • monster-capturing vessels, bubbles can be used as transportation, as hitting the jump

  • button while landing on one allows you to jump on it without popping. Now that’s gentle.

  • Improving your bubble-blowing prowess are power-ups that can extend your firing range

  • and rate, sneakers to speed up your movement, and some downright weird stuff like invincibility

  • hearts, potions to take you to secret levels, and umbrellas that let you Mary Poppins past

  • the next several floors. Yes. I just used Mary Poppins as a verb. Deal with it.

  • But it’s not all peaches and cream and apples and crystal things and the occasional freakin

  • massive popsicle. No, youre on a mission to save your honey after all, and thatll

  • require trekking through more than a hundred stages. Fortunately, you can continue from

  • the beginning of any stage, and there’s even a password system if you need to put

  • the game down, tour a nearby arcade, and come back later. However, if you do leave the game,

  • you WILL have that song stuck in your head. The theme to Bubble Bobble is one of the great

  • Ear Worms of all time, and you WILL struggle to keep it inside your brain. And if a couple

  • bars leak out, every gamer who has shared in this bubble-bursting experience (and, from

  • my travels, that’s a very large number) will give you a look simultaneously broadcasting

  • understanding and grievous contempt... and theyll start whistling it too. This song

  • is a disease, one that makes you wonder just how good a monster-turned-watermelon could

  • possibly taste. The world may never know.

The NES had a lot going for it. Y’know, wide variety of games, the industry leader

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