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  • are you sure we shouldn't check with Jacob one more time in your room.

  • He wants to hang out, maybe he changed his mind, he wants to go first and then maybe we could make this a it's been the bottle situation.

  • Oh my god I'll go first.

  • I'll go first.

  • Thank you.

  • Okay I wish I had more black friends.

  • I am scared for my brother's safety every day and I don't like Beyonce.

  • Okay someone else you didn't let us guess.

  • Well I said three truths.

  • Wait you don't like Beyonce?

  • No bitch, I love her.

  • Mhm.

  • Um I'll go.

  • Um So my mom gave me this and I'm a virgin.

  • What?

  • Like what the hell man you don't?

  • No you don't.

  • No no no and Isaiah and I hooked up.

  • Yes.

  • Wait shit.

  • Um I'm sorry, I don't know why it's okay, you can talk to us.

  • Yeah well um it was I'm sorry I just I've never told anyone this before and it's like Jacobs my best friend and she have you and I say I ever talked about it.

  • Shoot me.

  • He won't even look at me since it happened.

  • She Yeah, let's look.

  • Oh it's just yeah, it felt good when it's been with girls as well.

  • So talk no, she's hard for dudes.

  • I feel like there's no room to be, oh everyone just assumes you're just gay and that's fine.

  • You know, there's nothing, there's nothing wrong with that at all.

  • I just I like both.

  • Yeah.

are you sure we shouldn't check with Jacob one more time in your room.

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