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The Gothic cathedral of Notre Dame is located by the River Seine in the fourth arrondissement
of Paris. It is widely considered to be the finest example of Gothic architecture in Europe.
Work on the cathedral was begun in 1163 but the building was not completed until 1345
and even then work continued. A technological marvel of its time, the cathedral incorporates
a number of different styles, reflecting the input of many different architects during
its construction. The striking flying buttresses of the exterior were not part of the original
design but were added when the thin walls grew taller and showed signs of bowing outwards
and cracking.
The naturalist stained glass windows are stunning to view from the interior and offer a striking
contrast to earlier Romanesque architecture.
It is not believed that a hunch back ever rang the 5 bells of Notre Dame, however the
great bourbon bell in the South Tower was rung to announce the liberation of Paris from
Nazi occupation.
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Notre Dame Cathedral - Paris, Ile de France 1080 HD

1489 Folder Collection
紅謹 published on April 10, 2013
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