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  • Hi, my name's Scott Shaffer, and I'm Senior Art Director and Designer with Disney Parks Live Entertainment.

  • My background is in theatrical set design.

  • That's what my training was in, but I also worked in film and television here in Southern California as an Art Director and Production Designer.

  • My first job at the Disneyland Resort was actually the Art Director for the press opening of "Fantasmic!"

  • Now, it's been almost 28 years, and I've been loving every day.

  • I've done everything from special events, photo locations, small things to huge parties.

  • I've also done a number of different parades.

  • My first parade was the "Hercules" parade here at Disneyland.

  • I also did the 50th anniversary parade for Disneyland.

  • Most recently, uh, "Paint the Night."

  • I've also done numerous parades for the Tokyo Disney Resort.

  • I'm still doing stage shows.

  • I have one in Tokyo DisneySea, and I have a couple in Paris right now.

  • So, I do a little bit of everything, and it really makes my job a lot of fun.

  • I ended up starting school in the engineering field, but then changed to the theater arts as a technical design and scene design major.

  • And to have that sort of understanding of how things work really helps in how I can design parade floats, how I design stage shows.

  • So all those experience(s) are super helpful.

  • Parades were very new to me.

  • I'd never designed one before when I was asked to do the, my first parade here.

  • Whether it's a stage set or a parade, all of the same thought processes go into the design.

  • The only differences are, I think parades are a little bit more complicated, 'cause you don't have control over all the elements that you do in a theatrical production.

  • You're not just viewing from one angle.

  • Everything has to be viewed from 360 degrees.

  • I think it's a little bit more complicated and difficult to do, but I really enjoy doing it.

  • And I really like providing a product to the guests that meets all of those sorta Disney standards.

  • The current project I'm working on, "Magic Happens" parade.

  • I think it's really gonna be phenomenal.

  • It's been really fun to work on, and it's been a great team of people.

Hi, my name's Scott Shaffer, and I'm Senior Art Director and Designer with Disney Parks Live Entertainment.

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