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  • Hi, my name is Mel and this is what I do to live more sustainably.

  • There's three parts to it.

  • There's the products that I welcome into my life, which I do my due diligence on, then there's taking care of the products I already own.

  • So if you can extend the life of something either by amending it or even giving it to charity, just looking after, it is really helpful for reducing its carbon impact over time.

  • And then there's how do I recycle?

  • What is the end of life of the products that I'm using with my personal care products really slimmed down what I've used and the stuff that I do buy.

  • I try and make sure that there's zero packaging if possible, to make sure that I'm buying from a brand that either you can give the product back and get them refills or they're entirely made out of glass or tim.

  • So you can be sure that they're actually going to be something that will be recycled.

  • We make sure that all the food scraps we use are put into a composting facility, which creates energy.

  • Or we up cycle and use as many scraps as we can to create broth.

Hi, my name is Mel and this is what I do to live more sustainably.

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How to cut down on your waste | Sustainable Future

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