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  • Hmm, who do we have here? (Subtitle by: Bryan Pai, BS Translations)

  • Yeah, I'll definitely get a much better view of her over here.

  • Of all the empty benches here, he chooses the only one in front of me.

  • Could he be anymore obvious?

  • Shoot. Of all the empty benches here, I chose the one in front of her.

  • Hope it wasn't too obvious. Well, I can't move now.

  • Well, at least he's cute.

  • Man, she's cute.

  • Well dressed, well groomed, nice shoes, looks tall.

  • So cute. Oh, I better sit in a cooler pose.

  • No.

  • But not slick.

  • Oh, yeah. I look good now.

  • Damn, is she looking at me? Or if she's not going to look, I will.

  • Hmm, reading health magazine? Guess that means she's... healthy.

  • What's he reading? The New Yorker?

  • Who the hell reads that? I guess he's cultured, intelligent.

  • We could go running together.

  • Smart and hot. That's rare.

  • I wonder what she is doing here in the middle of the afternoon.

  • I guess Parsons is close by. Maybe she is a fashion student. Cool

  • That'll explain her floral pants.

  • It's the middle of the day. What's he doing at this park?

  • Oh, maybe he runs his own business.

  • Okay, now you have to say something. She smiled at you.

  • All right, that was definitely more than a glance.

  • He smiled. Come on. Say something.

  • There is no one else here. There's nothing to lose. No one will see you get rejected.

  • Oh my gosh, even in your imagination you get rejected. Loser.

  • Okay, how should I start?

  • I've never seen you here before. Nice day, huh?

  • Excuse me. Where did you get those awesome floral pants?

  • Hello, anything?

  • Hmm

  • Oh my gosh, I've been reading this same paragraph for 10 minutes.

  • Oh, I got. This will be perfect. Dang it!

  • Okay, be sure to look cute while you talk.

  • I wonder who that is. Boyfriend? No. Maybe just a friend.

  • Laugh. It will show your fun.

  • Okay, too much, too much.

  • Stupid funny friend.

  • Finally, shoot. She probably thinks I'm alone.

  • I know! I'll pretend to text someone.

  • Ah, fine. If he's not gonna have the guts to say something first, I will.

  • It's a New Year, new you, girlfriend.

  • Why did I just call myself girlfriend? Okay, focus. Just say hi.

  • You know she could say something to me first.

  • Why does it always have to be the guy who makes the move?

  • Holy crap. This is scary. Guys have to do this all the time?

  • Okay, girlfriend, let's do this. Oh my gosh. Did he seriously just check her out right in front of me?

  • Did that girl just fart as she ran past me?

  • Eww, and he is like trying to take in her scent?

  • What the hell!? Creep.

  • Okay. That was rude.

  • I was trying to connect over teasing this smelly girl and she gives me attitude.

  • She is probably one of those girls who thinks every guy looking her way thinks she is hot stuff.

  • Typical guy. Just into any girl that moves.

  • Man, she is not even that special. Looks high maintenance.

  • I bet that was her boyfriend or sugar daddy calling earlier.

  • Probably buys everything for her, like those ugly floral pants.

  • And it's like 4 in the afternoon. What's he doing just at a park reading?

  • Probably doesn't have a job, comes here and creeps on girls.

  • It's 4 in the afternoon. Her boyfriend probably just lets her use his credit card,

  • Reading Health? Just into her image.

  • - Poser. - Spoiled.

  • So glad he didn't say anything. Would have been a huge waste of time.

  • I could totally do better.

Hmm, who do we have here? (Subtitle by: Bryan Pai, BS Translations)

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