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  • It literally brings tears to my eyes, you know, I love her so much.

  • Oh, that's great.

  • That's great.

  • I love that show.

  • So, you must be happy to be all back together.

  • It is amazing, I mean, finally, Simon is back because last year we had to do it without him.

  • He was so jealous, he said, because he was sitting at home, you know, getting, you know, his back back together as we were on TV.

  • And he loves to be on TV, so he was just jealous seeing us all there and he couldn't be part of it.

  • First I thought, I was like, you didn't break your back, you know, let me see.

  • And sure enough, he's like, "Have a look," so I sure enough, you know, look.

  • His spine, I mean, he has the most gigantic scar on the back.

  • -Yeah, when you break your back... -I know, but... -You didn't believe it.

  • No, I didn't believe him because I saw him on a jet ski in the Bahamas.

  • I was like, how do you break your back and then you're on a jet ski like a year later because a friend of mine had broken her back, and it took her at least two years to sort of get back to the swing of things.

  • Well then that was dangerous for him to be on a year after breaking your back, because that kind of hitting the water like that could, could re-break it.

  • So he's not 100 percent back to normal.

  • His mouth definitely is, but, you know, in between takes he's always pacing around our desk.

  • -Because I guess sitting is the hardest for him, so he's always up and pacing around the desk in between acts. -Yeah.

  • Well yeah, he's a, he's a, his mind is busy, he's a busy man.

  • He needs to do some breathing exercises.

  • Um, so there's some photos of you having a great time on the set.

  • Why are, why is this happening here?

  • Ooh, yeah, there was a Guinness World Record book, and someone, um, did a pie throwing contest.

  • So yeah, we got a little into those shenanigans, and this is what happened.

  • I guess that was the last shoot of the day.

  • -Yeah. -I'm assuming. -Yeah.

  • There's a video, also, of you teaching Howie how to walk in high -

  • Ooh, yeah, because, you know, we always goof around.

  • There's so much time always in between or we go on a dinner break and, you know, they set up the stage again.

  • -Right. -And he's always making fun of me, like how hard can it be, and I'm like, really?

  • Let's see.

  • And I have a foot 11, so he sure enough fit in my shoes.

  • And, yeah, that's the outcome.

  • Wow.

  • He's always up for anything.

  • Honestly, I love him so much.

  • I love Howie Mandel.

  • I love him too.

  • -Yeah, he's the best. -I love him.

  • All right, um, we're going take a break, and then we're going to play a game after this, you and I.

  • And you asked for it, you can't complain, you asked for it.

  • I'm not complaining, I love playing games with you.

  • All right, all right, we'll be back.

It literally brings tears to my eyes, you know, I love her so much.

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Heidi Klum Taught Howie Mandel How to Walk in High Heels

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