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  • This is Komeda's coffee.

  • It was first opened in Nagoya in 1968, which makes this year its 50th anniversary.

  • They now have over 700 stores open across all of Japan.

  • Um, and as you can hear, there's a lot of people here because it seems to be a pretty popular coffee, uh, chain store.

  • In front of me I have a lot of menus actually.

  • This one here appears to be their main menu, but they also have a lot of other ones.

  • So, here they are.

  • This one here was the one I was most interested in because they have special breakfast sets and lunch sets.

  • But what makes this breakfast particularly interesting to me is, firstly, the C set is a red bean on toast, which, uh, I believe...

  • ...I've heard that in Nagoya breakfast is red bean on toast, so that must be a specialty from where the store originated.

  • And also, if you buy a drink, you get one of these sets for free.

  • So, I'm used to the other way around where if you buy a set then you get a free drink, but no, here is you buy a drink and you get free food.

  • So I thought that's pretty cool.

  • Today we have decided to go with one of their, uh, the red bean milk tea, red bean coffee drink, and one of their most popular desserts as well as a seafood gratin and a...

  • ...what is that??

  • -Beef stew. -Beef stew.

  • [In Japanese.]

  • So this is the gratin

  • So, there's a lot of cheese, which is great because I love cheese, and it's definitely very creamy.

  • Taste wise, it's normal.

  • I got the beef stew, um, and it came with some free bread.

  • I've got a lot of cheese as well, but it goes really well with this stew.

  • It's yummy

  • And now on to dessert: This is called "Shiro No Waaru" and it's, um, Danish bread with ice cream and some syrup on top.

  • Out of all the foods we had today, overall is pretty yummy, but my personal preference was the red bean drink and the dessert, and Torii likes his beef stew.

  • The atmosphere is quite comfortable and laid-back, so it's a great place to come to meet with your friends or if you want a different environment to do your work or study.

  • So yeah ,it's definitely a place we would come to again

This is Komeda's coffee.

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KOMEDA'S COFFEE // コメダ珈琲 (Japan Food Guide)

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