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  • This is like a little bit of sunshine in your  life. I'm going to show you how to make the most  

  • delicious pepper prawn and chorizo bake. With beautiful rice around it, it is so scrumptious. So  

  • in my freezer I nearly always have prawns of some kind. Put them in a little cold water for like 15  

  • minutes, they defrost, happy days. So I've preheated an oven to 220, right. If I cut halfway through  

  • this pepper, just run your knife around here take  the seeds out of your peppers and then cut this  

  • into four. So one, two, three, four. The first part of the story is very, very simple. Open the oven  

  • and go straight onto the bars, right. We just wanna give it a really good roasting really quickly. So  

  • a little bit of olive oil in a pan and let's start  the story with chorizo. About 50 grams and in this  

  • chorizo is the key to a lot of the flavour. So it's not just sausage, it's got garlic, it's got herbs,

  • it's got beautiful you know pimento in there, sweet  cayenne and get that into your olive oil. So I've  

  • got four cloves of garlic which I want to finely slice and I'm going to get that into the chorizo.  

  • So let the sausage and garlic fry  away. I want to get about half a bunch  

  • of parsley. Finely slice those stalks and they're going to go in with the chorizo and the garlic.

  • So as this gets gorgeous and crispy I'm going to get myself a bowl and I'm going to remove  

  • this chorizo and garlic now. Importantly leaving  behind that amazing flavoured oil. So get yourself  

  • a mug. We're going to put in basmati rice, one mug  of rice is perfect for four people. Into that oil.  

  • Mix it up, let the fat go around that gorgeous  rice. For the perfect rice you want two mugs of  

  • boiling water. One, two. So let's go back to the oven now and get those peppers. The natural sugars in  

  • these peppers have been accessed and that's going to make a massive difference in this bake. So take  

  • your little ring and just nestle it into your iceSo turn that off now and this will go in the oven  

  • with a lid on top or tin foil for 15 minutes  right to let it all plump up and get gorgeous.  

  • I'm gonna now show you how to  do the prawns. About 300 grams  

  • on the chorizo and the garlic. My family  love prawns and then finely grate the zest  

  • of half a lemon and then I put the  juice of half a lemon into this, right.  

  • So just give that a stir up. Lemon, garlic, chorizolook at the colours, come on! So let that marinade  

  • while the rice cooks and then I'll show you  what to do next because it's going to be amazing.

  • Okay look at that steamy, gorgeous and  colourful. Then take those amazing prawns  

  • and just kind of like sprinkle it over the  top like that. Just push it into the rice  

  • and we'll pop that back in the oven now for five minutes. So we cook the prawns all the way through.

  • Five minutes is up and here we have it  my friends, a beautiful chorizo prawn  

  • and pepper bake and then just take  some of that lovely chopped parsley

  • sprinkle it on top. Let's go for it, come on. Get yourself a nice chunk of the pepper so good

  • Nice little watch of fresh yogurt that with  a nice little lemon, a bit of parsley on top,  

  • throwing a little bit of salad on the  side. Right, let's have a little try...

  • hallelujah The smell will draw in  my teenagers and they will devour  

  • all of this in no time at all, they love prawnsgarlic, chorizo, rice. Come on, what a combo.

This is like a little bit of sunshine in your  life. I'm going to show you how to make the most  

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