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  • Dyson is known for revolutionizing the vacuum. Sir  James Dyson hoped to create another revolutionary product -  

  • an electric car to compete with Tesla. The  Dyson car was supposed to be on the road in 2021  

  • but then the project got axed. Constructing cars  at any scale takes blood, sweat, tears, and even  

  • more money. It was too expensive to build. Dyson had  a legacy to protect. So does Sony. The Japanese tech  

  • giant is one of the most recognized brands in the  world, famous for the PlayStation and the Walkman -  

  • if you're old enough to remember it. But no one saw  this coming. Sony took almost everyone by surprise  

  • by unveiling an electric car at the 2020 Consumer  Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This wasn't just a  

  • concept, this was a prototype. The car is drivableThe team that built Aibo, Sony's cute robotic dog,  

  • built the car with the help of the renowned  Magna Steyr which manufactures vehicles like  

  • the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. This car is called  the Vision-S, Sony's vision for the future.  

  • Mobile has been the mega trend of the last  decade. I believe the next mega trend will be  

  • mobility. Mobility is defined as fundamentally  changing the way we travel. A car won't just be  

  • a way to get from point a to point b. It's a piece  of technology, an iPhone on wheels. The vehicle will  

  • be connected to the internet. It knows the location  of the person it's picking up while the passenger  

  • can also follow the car along its route. The Sony  car is jam-packed with Sony stuff. Touch screen  

  • panoramic Sony displays filled with Sony-owned  movies and music. Each seat has its own speakers  

  • so you wouldn't need to fight over what music to listen to. And if you're listening through your  

  • earbuds before getting into the car, Sony envisions  the music automatically transferring to the  

  • vehicle's speakers. The idea is to make the ride as  comfortable as time spent in your own living room  

  • with the understanding that one day, there  won't even be a driver. Cars will be autonomous.  

  • Sony's is not yet fully autonomous but it is  moving in that direction thanks to a whopping 33  

  • sensors located both inside and outside. According  to the company, the autonomy level of Vision-S 

  • is two or greater. The driver is still in control  but the vehicle is aware of its surroundings.  

  • It can recognize when other obstacles are in  its way before parking and knows when to change  

  • lanes while keeping a safe distance from other vehicles. Sensors can even read the driver's facial  

  • expressions to gauge levels of concentration and fatigue and send out alerts if necessary. And the  

  • temperature will be automatically adjusted  to match the comfort level of people inside.  

  • Sony originally said it had no intention of  mass producing the car. The prototype was simply  

  • developed to show off its technology. But plans may have changed. After its unveiling in Las Vegas

  • the car moved to Magna Steyr's engineering  facility in Graz, Austria for fine tuning.

  • And then in July, Sony announced it would begin  testing the car on roads in Japan. This suggests  

  • the company may have bigger plans for the Vision-S than simply to advance the sensing and audio

  • technology for other carmakers to use in their vehicles. It does already dabble in the auto  

  • industry by supplying image sensors to companies  like Toyota to help with automatic emergency  

  • braking. Sony hopes software updates will move its  car up to at least level four which means the  

  • vehicle does all the driving but only in a limited area. The highest level is full self-driving.  

  • The car performs all tasks under all circumstancesIt's the same level Tesla aims to achieve.  

  • Elon Musk's company has completely turned the auto industry upside down.Other electric cars are often  

  • compared to a Tesla. So how does the Vision-S  stack up against Tesla's mass-market Model 3?  

  • Depending on the version of the Model 3,  it can go 0 to 60 mph in 3.1 to 5.3 seconds.  

  • Sony claims its car can accelerate in 4.8 seconds. The top speed of the Tesla ranges from 140  

  • to 162 mph compared to Sony's 149 mph. The  Model 3 has a driving range of 267 to 360 miles.  

  • We don't yet know how far Sony's car can go nor  do we know what price it would be if it does go  

  • on sale one day. If it's more expensive than the  Model 3 and a comparison with the Model S is more  

  • appropriate, it does lag behind in acceleration  and speed.   

  • A big difference between the two companies is  that Sony relies on LiDAR to advance its self-driving technology

  • LiDAR is a sensor that helps detect objects by  beaming out laser light and then measuring the  

  • the time it takes for the light to reflect back. Musk  once called LiDAR a fool's errand and said anyone  

  • relying on the expensive sensor is doomed. InsteadTesla uses a combination of cameras, radar, and  

  • ultrasonics to see. LiDAR is very popular with tech companies other than Tesla. It's found in  

  • Apple's iPhone 12 Pro to help take better photos. And, by the way, Apple is also reportedly wading  

  • into the car market. Rumors of an Apple electric car have run rampant for years. It even hired  

  • a bunch of engineers from Tesla but its efforts have been  shaky from the start with leadership changes and  

  • hundreds of layoffs from the car division a couple of years ago. Apple's direction has reportedly shifted to developing  

  • an autonomous driving system rather thancomplete car but who knows what the future holds.  

  • Apple's challenges show just how difficult it  can be even for well-established companies to  

  • build electric cars. Dyson learned that the hard way. But the difficulty doesn't appear to deter  

  • Sony. We are excited about the road ahead of us. It will be a long road ahead.

  • If Sony does end up producing  a car for the masses, be prepared to wait because autonomous cars need to clock in a lot of hours  

  • in order to gather enough driving data. Although  Sony hasn't provided many updates about the  

  • development of its car, all the pieces of the  puzzle seem to point to more than just a prototype.  

  • I'm Cindy Pom, thanks for watching. If you like  what you saw, give it a like and don't forget to  

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Dyson is known for revolutionizing the vacuum. Sir  James Dyson hoped to create another revolutionary product -  

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