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  • I'm Mark, and these are one minute phrases.

  • Hi, this is Mark, and this is English conversation practice.

  • And today, we are doing a one-minute phrase.

  • Yes we are.

  • And this is video nine from the series, and today's phrase is "really"?

  • Really?

  • Are you ready to practice with me? Yes? Okay. Let's do it.

  • Really - to show doubt. To show doubt.

  • "I've been working really hard today." "Really?"

  • "I'm a gourmet cook." "Really?"

  • "I-I can't go into work today." "Really?"

  • "I'm on a diet." "Really?"

  • "I can run a marathon." "Really?"

  • Okay, really - to show surprise.

  • "I climbed Mount Everest." "Really?"

  • "I'm getting married next week." "Really?"

  • "I'm getting divorced." "Really?"

  • "I got a new job." "Really?"

  • "I got a big raise." "Really?"

  • Great job everyone.

  • Yes, I hope you had fun. I had fun.

  • So, please come back for another video of you and me practicing a one minute phrase.

  • And please don't forget to subscribe, and ring that bell to get all of my videos.

  • I will see you next time. Bye

I'm Mark, and these are one minute phrases.

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Really? - one minute phrase lesson (series #9) | Learn English - Mark Kulek ESL

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