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  • A bit of a rainy day here in Japan. The last day of Golden Week, the one-week holiday in May.  

  • So, gonna head to a Starbucks and go to the drive-through pick up a few drinks.

  • And most Japanese study English in elementary schooljunior high school, and high school, and if they go to university they usually study in university too.

  • So I'm going to order today in English and hopefully they understand.

  • If not, I'll have to resort to survival Japanese and order my coffee in Japanese, but let's see how well they do in English.

  • So let's go check the Starbucks out.

  • [In Japanese.]

  • -Yes, hello. -Hi. -Thank you.

  • -What can I get for you. -Can I have a 'houjicha' latte. -Sure. -Hot.

  • -Tall size please. -Tall size.

  • Yes... and café tiramisu Frappuccino blended cream.

  • Tall size please.

  • And... a mochi mochi blueberry bread.

  • [In Japanese.]

  • That's all, thank you.

  • [in Japanese.]

  • Thank you.

  • -Thank you. [In Japanese.]

  • -Yes, here you are. Thank you. -[In Japanese.]

  • -Good English, thank you. -Thank you.

  • -I used to live in Canada, so... -You used to live in Canada? I'm from Canada.

  • -Oh, where are you from? -Montreal. -Montreal? I was in Toronto.  

  • -Toronto?

  • I must have been lucky to get you today. You speak very good English.

  • -[In Japanese.] -Yup.

  • -How long were you in Toronto? -Uh, About two years.

  • Oh, good job, that's great. Thanks a lot.

  • So "houjicha" is a kind of Japanese teaand they just make a latte out of it.  

  • So, you got a big tea bag in there.

  • [In Japanese.]

  • Tiramisu like dessert and a Frappuccino.

  • -[in Japanese.] -Blueberry bread.

  • -Thank you very much. -[In Japanese.] -Goodbye.

  • -Thank you, have a good one. -You too, good bye.

  • Wow! that girl had really good English, sowas surprised that she knew what I was saying.  

  • Um, I was going to say good job to all the Japanese teachers in Japan, but it seems that she went to Toronto to study English for two years.

  • So, that's why she was probably so good at English.

  • But anywaysnot bad, so good job Starbucks girl. Thank you.

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A bit of a rainy day here in Japan. The last day of Golden Week, the one-week holiday in May.  

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