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  • Ladies and gentlemen, this is flight 180 to learn English with Cambridge.

  • We'd like to welcome you on board, and hope you have a wonderful journey.

  • Hello, English learners.

  • I'm Rebecca Rios, and today I'm going to teach you five expressions to know when travelling.

  • It's okay if you're a beginner learner.

  • With these phrases, you'll be able to get around.

  • When you want to know where a place is, you can say: "Where is the…?"

  • "Where is the…?"

  • "Where is the airport?"

  • "Where is the museum?"

  • One of tourists' favorite things to do is to go shopping.

  • So when you want to know the price of something, you say: "How much?"

  • How much?

  • "How much are these earrings?"

  • "How much is this t-shirt?"

  • When you get to the hotel, you can say at the front desk or in a restaurant: "I have a reservation."

  • "I have a reservation."

  • "I have a reservation under the name Rios."

  • "I have a reservation for two."

  • If you need to get from one place to another, you can say: "How do I get to...?"

  • "How do I get to…?"

  • "How do I get to the Eiffel Tower?"

  • "How do I get to the bus station?"

  • When you want to order something to eat on the plane or in a restaurant, you can say: "I'd like."

  • "I'd like."

  • "I'd like some peanuts, please."

  • "I'd like a muffin and a cup of coffee, please."

  • So, those were our five travelling phrases.

  • I hope you like them.

  • Any other phrases you'd like to know?

  • Leave a comment and tell me.

  • See you soon.

  • Bye.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is flight 180 to learn English with Cambridge.

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