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  • Sid, like many people, will never stop procrastinating because he lives an insincere life.

  • As soon as he entered the world, society began telling Sid all of the things heshould

  • do”.

  • They told him how he should dress, how he should act, how he should think, how he should

  • speak, how he should work, what he should study, what jobs he should take, and so on.

  • As a child, he began worshipping theseshoulds”, and he began living according to what heshould

  • dorather than what he genuinely wanted to do.

  • Living according to what oneshould doleads to insincerity, and insincerity leads

  • to a life of endless procrastination.

  • Sid procrastinates on his homework for medical school because he never wanted to be a doctor.

  • He wanted to be a mathematician, and he only took this career path because his parents

  • told him he should.

  • And they told him he should because society told them they should tell him that.

  • Sid has never experienced what it's like to be a doctor, never shadowed one, and never

  • studied the career path.

  • He's never experienced or seen the life of a doctor, so he doesn't have a sincere

  • desire to be one.

  • And if he doesn't have a sincere desire to be a doctor, how can he have a sincere

  • desire to do his homework?

  • And without a sincere desire to do his homework, he will procrastinate until the pain of not

  • doing his homework reaches its limit.

  • When talking about his procrastination, Sid says, “I know what I should do, but I never

  • do it.”

  • This is a lie.

  • Sid doesn't know what he should do.

  • No one knows what anyone else should do.

  • If Sid asks how to get to a castle in the centre of a country, the man to the right

  • of the castle will say go left, but the man to the left of it will say go right.

  • What one should do depends on where one is and where one wants to go.

  • And everyone's life is so unique that no two people are ever in the same place, so

  • all directions are misleading.

  • But this doesn't stop Sid from asking for them.

  • He opens up a video on 'how to stop procrastinating'—the tenth one this year.

  • Each video gave him a piece of actionable advice: use a 2-minute rule, use a 25-minute

  • rule, create an artificial deadline, create an artificial reward, overcome resistance,

  • sleep better, or deal with negative emotions.

  • And each piece of advice worked for a bit but ultimately failed in the long run, which

  • is why Sid is watching his tenth video on procrastination.

  • If any of the actionable advice actually worked, Sid would've stopped watching these kinds

  • of videos a long time ago.

  • Sid doesn't realize that these videos only take him further into procrastination, because

  • everyhow tovideo tells him what he should do.

  • Andshould doleads to insincerity, and insincerity leads to endless procrastination.

  • Sid will spend his life looking for hacks and tips on how to overcome procrastination,

  • not seeing how far removed he is from a true solution.

  • He'll spend his life askinghow can I do what I don't want to do”, not realizing

  • that it's a logical contradiction.

  • And that's because Sid's entire life is a contradiction.

  • He's trying to become someone he's not, searching for an answer to how someone becomes

  • what they cannot be.

  • And he'll never find an answer because it doesn't exist.

  • He'll never stop procrastinating, and he'll spend his life chasing a ghost.

  • As long as Sid lives a life that is not his own, as long as he follows the advice of other

  • people, believing their opinion, following the paths they've laid out for him, as long

  • as he lives his life based on the experiences and understanding of others instead of his

  • own, as long as he lives a life according to what heshould doand not what he

  • genuinely wants to do, he will live an insincere life.

  • And as long as he lives an insincere life, he will never truly stop procrastinating.

  • And Sid might watch this video and begin looking for anothershould”.

  • He will say, “I should be sincere,” or he will ask, “what should I do to be sincere?”

  • And by doing so, he will only fall deeper into the problem.

Sid, like many people, will never stop procrastinating because he lives an insincere life.

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Procrastination - Why We Never Stop (brutal truth)

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