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  • Thanks for joining us this morning.

  • Melbourne's tough lockdown will end on Friday, but a number of restrictions will remain in place as a hotel quarantine breach is blamed for the latest outbreak.

  • More, we're joined by Dr. Todd Cameron in Melbourne. Doctor, good morning to you.

  • Thank you for your time, and end is in sight. You can almost feel it.

  • Uh, it's, it's coming, but, uh, I'm not sure that we'll be able to do that much.

  • Maybe extend the number of people in a household, uh, have a couple of catch-ups, but I don't expect we'll be doing a lot of travel coming this long weekend.

  • It is tough, isn't it?

  • That the fact that it coincides with a long weekend, you'll only be able to stay within the 25 km of your home, do you think that's fair?

  • Well, you know, I-I-I think, uh, the main thing if you, if you sort of grabbed Melbournians' interview and they'd say, look, I just don't want to do this again.

  • So, uh, whatever is required to kind of, uh, prevent me having to go through this again, I'm happy to do that for a short period of time.

  • Well, the good news is, um, they won't have to if they're vaccinated.

  • Um, and, and the good news is that you have enough vaccinations, right?

  • Yeah. So, uh, we in the clinic is really interesting.

  • Um, we are doing, we now have some bigger numbers in too.

  • So we deliver vaccines in two of our three, um, general practices.

  • Uh, and we did 250 on, um, Saturday in one, and 250 on Sunday in the other this weekend gone.

  • So, 500 and we just have 50 this week to deliver.

  • So, we're still having problems with reliable supply.

  • And every single one of those vaccines now is taken up, which is awesome.

  • But we really do need to be getting those into arms, uh otherwise we're just not going to be able to get to the other side of this lockdown.

  • So how, how do we explain those numbers?

  • The drop in the, the vaccines available?

  • We keep being told supply's not an issue.

  • Clearly, it is.

  • Yeah, um I-I don't really know.

  • It's very difficult to get answers on this, uh, and it seems to be that whoever you ask doesn't have a really good response.

  • We did also receive some information saying that we, uh, we are invited to participate in the files of rollout when that becomes available in general practice.

  • Uh, so it is difficult because ultimately, we've seen a really big spike.

  • One of the positives of this lockdown has been that we've seen a spike in interest for vaccines, uh, and we know that that's the most important way.

  • Really important to remind people that it's two doses, you need both doses.

  • But if you look, you look globally what's happening, um, there are still cases in intensive care all around, uh, the world.

  • And, and the most common feature of people in intensive care is that they are not vaccinated.

  • Okay.

  • Another hotel breach in Victoria as well.

  • It's going to add to the frustrations.

  • Yeah, uh, so it's interesting, there's a missing link there, but, um, you know, the COVID is an interesting, uh, illness in the around, about 90 percent of the spread is done by 10 percent of the patients.

  • Um and there's also the fact that about half of people that don't have any symptoms, so we may never find that kind of missing link ,if you like, in there.

  • Um, and it probably isn't a problem in that as time passes, we know that about one in five people will have to attend hospital, they'll show up in hospital at some point in time.

  • So, we can be reasonable, reasonably confident that the longer that time elapses that there won't be any missed cases.

  • So we just hope that that person was someone who was asymptomatic didn't spread it to anybody else.

  • Uh, and that, that what we're seeing now is the end of it.

  • Look, it's somewhat lucky that this happened during a lockdown because I've been concerned about, you know, if this had happened in the next week or two, that wouldn't be a lot of fun at all.

  • Keep wearing your masks, eh?

  • Well, yeah, this is, this is my prop for today.

  • I want everybody to not be this guy.

  • Don't be, don't be other nose-over-mouth guy.

  • That may have been me a couple of times.

  • Oh, really?

  • I, I can't stand it! Anyway I'll do my best.

Thanks for joining us this morning.

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Melbourne hard lockdown set to end | Coronavirus | 9 News Australia

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