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  • [laughing]

  • Peter!

  • Where is Peter?

  • Peter?

  • Peter!

  • Peter Rabbit

  • I'm starting to get worried

  • Did you miss me?

  • Uh-oh

  • Wake up kids! We have a job to do!

  • I'm running there tomorrow for cardio  day

  • You can use your front legs too

  • Right, right, right!

  • Let's have some fun

  • [laughing]

  • Oh no!

  • Do you know what happens after you eat too much sugar?  

  • That...

  • Do you have any friends back home?

  • Can they be trusted?

  • Aaaah!

  • Eeeeh!

  • [laughing]

  • There's a couple I wouldn't let house-sit

  • [uplifting music]

  • Wheee!

  • Oh!

  • [uplifting music]

  • This is crazy!

  • [uplifting music]

  • Hi there, did you know what the "Shrek punishment" is? Well there are alleged reports of animators  

  • failing at their job on "Prince of Egypt" and being sent to work on "Shrek" as a punishment.

  • Apparently this even had a nickname: to be shrekt...ouch! Make sure to click below to subscribe,  

  • on the side for more great content and you can get my T-shirt at the link right below this video


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PETER RABBIT 2: THE RUNAWAY Final Trailer (2021) James Corden Live Action Movie

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