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  • The Agilent PXA signal analyzer delivers exceptional performance in every area and adds compatibility

  • features that make it easy to replace and upgrade your legacy systems.

  • Four PXA frequency range options cover from 3.6 to 26.5 GHz.

  • The extensive PXA feature set is built on a foundation of outstanding performance.

  • Amplitude accuracy to 0.19 dB, displayed average noise floor as low as -172 dBm with a new

  • noise floor extension capability.

  • High performance measurements are provided at equally high speed.

  • Control and data interfaces include GPIB, gigabyte LAN and USB.

  • Noise can make measurements such as spur searchers slow and limit sensitivity and accuracy.

  • In the PXA, a new technique removes significant noise from spectrum measurements.

  • The analyzer's already low noise floor is so precisely characterized, but it can be

  • accurately and automatically subtracted from spectrum and power measurements.

  • This new noise floor extension technique improves the measurement noise floor by 3 to 10 dB

  • improving accuracy and speed for small signals.

  • Sensitivity is also improved with the PXA's optional low noise input path.

  • For high DANL measurements, this direct in path improves the analyzer's noise floor

  • by up to 10 dB at microwave frequencies.

  • The PXA has the processing power and measurement applications to handle all types of signal

  • analysis, complete time and frequency domain analysis, phase noise, noise figure, pulse

  • analysis, and digital demodulation.

  • Switching between applications is nearly instant under front panel or remote control.

  • For a flexible modulation analysis, the PXA supports Agilent's VXA measurement application

  • through a front panel or a direct SCPI control.

  • The industry's most comprehensive vector signal analysis solution, the Agilent 89600

  • VSA software runs inside the PXA or externally through any of the remote interfaces.

  • To make migration and upgrades practical, new analyzers must easily find a home in current

  • systems.

  • The high performance PXA was designed to add the benefits of a new analyzer to existing

  • test systems containing older HP and Agilent high performance spectrum analyzers.

  • The PXA can be configured as a drop-in replacement for several different analyzers, improving

  • measurement throughput, test margins, and supportability while speeding migration time

  • and reducing risk.

  • The N9061A remote language compatibility application makes the PXA a highly code-compatible replacement

  • and is provided at no charge when ordering a PXA.

  • A range of hardware features including fast rise time video out, Y-access video output,

  • and an innovative variable frequency IF output, minimize the need to redesign test systems

  • when migrating to the PXA.

  • This compatibility enables you to accelerate tests, increase throughput and reduce the

  • number of test stations.

  • Where data security is needed, the analyzer's hard disk is easily removed and another disk

  • can be substituted for a non-secure operation or calibration.

  • This simplifies instrument sanitizing in sensitive applications. The hard disk can also be replaced

  • with a solid-state disk.

  • The analyzer's CPU is easily removed for future upgrades and uses Open Windows® XP

  • Professional, allowing you to control other test system elements and operate software

  • such as MATLAB.

  • In the PXA, the capabilities just begin here.

  • A generous power supply and a modular hardware structure with seven expansion slots provide

  • a future-ready platform to solve tomorrow's problems as well as today's.

  • With the PXA, you no longer have to choose between compatibility and the benefits of

  • a state-of-the-art signal analyzer.

  • For more information, visit, where you will find complete production information

  • including a link to our migration page.

The Agilent PXA signal analyzer delivers exceptional performance in every area and adds compatibility

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