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  • Hello, my name is SNES Man. Today, I'm gonna do a quick review of an old platformer, Super

  • Adventure Island. So, without further ado, let's get down to gaming. In the intro cut

  • scene, our hero is sitting around with his lady friend on top of a tree, awkwardly scratching

  • his head when a sorcerer flies in and turns his girl to stone. To say the least, the hero

  • is not happy. It's up to you to chase down the sorcerer and get revenge for this heinous

  • act!

  • Here's our first level. Our main character, Master Higgins is already jogging in place

  • with excitement! Super Adventure Island is a very linear adventure. Most of the game

  • is just running to the right and jumping past enemies. There are only two weapons: the hammer

  • which shoots in a short-ranged arc, and the boomerang which has a little better horizontal

  • range. A more interesting item is the skateboard that lets you go really fast. Not only is

  • it fun to use but it teaches kids safety. Always wear a helmet. It's a cool power up

  • and I wish it was in the game more but oh well.

  • Something weird about this game is that you have to eat fruit constantly to survive. If

  • you don't collect the fruit, a meter at the top of the screen will slowly drain. When

  • it runs out, you starve and die. I'm not sure why the game developers included this. Now,

  • I know the hero, Master Higgins is a little on the chubby side but does that really mean

  • he has to eat entire pineapples and watermelons to survive on a daily basis? I mean, he's

  • not freaking Kirby! Let's just say that when I play a side-scroller, I want to run, jump,

  • and fight enemies, not worry about food. It's not a Sim, it's a platformer and that's just

  • tedious.

  • Another annoying thing about the game is the damage system. Once you get hit, you die.

  • Gotta start the level over again. There aren't even power ups to give you more health - that's

  • it. This makes the game really challenging but not necessarily in a good way. I prefer

  • it when games let you can take a few hits before you die like in Mega Man X. That way,

  • you can focus on the action instead of worrying about even touching an enemy. And the enemies

  • aren't even that tough. Like these penguins! Are you telling me a little penguin

  • could kill a grown man in one blow? Simply ludicrous.

  • Super Adventure Island does have quite a few good aspects, though. First is the graphics.

  • For an early Super Nintendo game, the sprites are detailed, the levels all look different,

  • and the color scheme is bright and cheerful. The levels are in a tropical setting at first

  • but then they branch off in a million directions. There's always somewhere new. And there's

  • a pretty wide array of enemies like shell creatures, obese walruses, and little dinosaurs

  • floating on balloons. It's pretty enjoyable to fight your way through all these cartoony

  • monsters and wreak havoc.

  • Also, the music is great. True, there aren't any orchestral, Zelda-ish epics but there

  • are a lot of cheerful island tunes with really cool, funky beats. They squeezed some nice

  • drums sounds out of the Super Nintendo hardware and it's pretty impressive to hear.

  • Back to my complaining, though. The controls are nothing amazing. First of all, you can't

  • dash. That means you can't build up momentum when you jump which was really disappointing

  • to me. The only way to jump long distances is to use a super jump. To pull this off,

  • you need to crouch and then jump. Just like in Super Mario Bros. 2, you jump up to a really

  • high level.

  • I admit, I have to give Super Adventure Island props for resurrecting this old jumping style

  • but really, it's just not as good as a simple dash jump. So, the controls are just a little

  • bit awkward. You may be wondering what makes Super Adventure Island a pretty well respected

  • game? Well, it has a certain charm to it. The levels are varied and for the most part

  • interesting, the graphics are fun and cartoonish, and the music is catchy. True, there are downsides

  • that bring down the game a bit. It's certainly no classic but still, it's an entertaining

  • game with an interesting feel.

  • Things to Make it Better

  • -Put in a life bar. Instant deaths were already outdated and frustrating when this game was

  • released. -Don't make it mandatory to collect fruit.

  • That's just tedious. -Put in a dash button. It would have been

  • an easy feature implement but they didn't out of laziness, no doubt!

  • -And finally, a Password System would be nice. This game's not very long but it is hard to

  • beat in one sitting so it'd be nice.

  • In conclusion, Super Adventure Island is pretty good game; it's at least above average. On

  • my scale, it scores a 6/10. So that was my quick review of Super Adventure Island. Hopefully,

  • I'll get a chance to review its sequel, Super Adventure Island 2 in the future because I

  • love talking about these old platformers. Well, thanks for watching! This has been a

  • SNES Man Review and I'll talk to you again sometime soon.

Hello, my name is SNES Man. Today, I'm gonna do a quick review of an old platformer, Super

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Super Adventure Island SNES Man Review

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