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  • Hi, I'm Vanessa from

  • How can you stop sounding like a textbook and start sounding like a native speaker?

  • Let's talk about it.

  • Welcome to tip number 5 in the series, "Six tips for Speaking Natural English"

  • Tip number 5 is: get feedback as you're speaking.

  • This is the most personalized way to realize which textbook expressions you're using, so that you can use natural ones instead.

  • When you have someone tell you instantly, "Hey, that expression isn't really something that native speakers use, you should use this instead," you'll realize, 'Oh okay, I know that I often use this kind of textbook expression, so I'm going to use this expression that you suggested instead."

  • So, getting feedback is a great way to get instant knowledge about what you use and what you should be using.

  • How can you get instant feedback on your English speaking to know which textbook expressions you use and which natural expressions you should use instead?

  • Well, you can go online and find an English teacher; you can go to a local meetup group.

  • There are probably local English meetup groups in your city, even if you live in a really small place. They are everywhere.

  • I recommend going online, finding someone you can speak with, or going to a local group, that way, you can meet someone face to face.

  • This takes a lot of courage, but learning a new language is such an interesting and valuable thing that you need to forget fear and trying to do these things that are outside your comfort zone.

  • So, my number 5 tip is to get feedbackget instant feedback on your speaking.

  • And I have a gift for you. I want to give you a free guide with these six tips for helping you speak natural English.

  • In this free guide, there are all six tips as well as some resources, some websites, YouTube channels that I recommend to help you speak natural English and to help you get instant feedback on your speaking, like we talked about today in tip number 5.

  • So, check out the free download, the free guide below this video, and I look forward to seeing you for tip number 6—the final tip.

  • Goodbye.

Hi, I'm Vanessa from

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TIP #5: 6 Tips For Speaking Natural English

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/06/22
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