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  • An accident is something every driver wants to avoid,

  • and yet thousands of traffic accidents happen every day.

  • Driving means dealing with unexpected situations,

  • and something as simple as a wet road or a few moments of inattention

  • can lead to huge risks.

  • Now Volvo Trucks is releasing two new features

  • designed to save lives.

  • The first feature is Volvo Dynamic Steering with Stability Assist,

  • which is designed to prevent skidding.

  • Cornering, driving at high speeds

  • or driving a truck without a load in slippery conditions

  • are all situations that can make a truck start to skid,

  • with severe, devastating consequences in traffic.

  • When a truck skids, it is important to quickly and smoothly

  • countersteer the vehicle in the right direction to keep control.

  • But even the best drivers can be surprised by difficult road conditions,

  • making it hard to regain full control of the vehicle.

  • Volvo Dynamic Steering with Stability Assist

  • reacts within milliseconds to countersteer during a skid,

  • just like a professional driver would.

  • This is made possible by hardware and software constantly communicating

  • to detect if a truck is about to lose its grip on the road.

  • The new feature also helps the Electronic Stability Control system

  • to act faster and to slow down the vehicle safely.

  • The second feature is Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist.

  • It stops trucks from unintended drift

  • and is especially helpful during monotonous driving on a straight road,

  • which can lead any driver to lose concentration.

  • Just a second's inattention can result in rollover accidents

  • or serious vehicle-to-vehicle collisions.

  • But the new system can intervene to steer the truck back

  • if it starts to drift out of its lane.

  • If the vehicle has already passed over a lane marking,

  • a pulse also flows through the steering wheel

  • to alert the driver of potential danger.

  • Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist is a safety support system

  • and the steering intervention is gentle,

  • allowing the driver to easily override it if necessary.

  • Volvo Trucks are working towards a vision of zero accidents.

  • No life should be lost on the road.

An accident is something every driver wants to avoid,

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Volvo Trucks - New safety features designed to save lives

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