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  • Welcome to Gothenburg and this test drive of the new Volvo FH.

  • The first thing you will notice is the redesigned cab.

  • It features a new grille, larger iron mark

  • and our signature V-shaped headlamps.

  • We have also moved the side indicators outwards

  • for improved aerodynamics and better visibility.

  • Before heading out, make sure to go through the pre-trip checklist.

  • Once inside the cab, you will immediately notice our new dashboard

  • with smart storage components and the high-resolution instrument display.

  • To the side, you have our new side display, used for infotainment,

  • navigation, transport information and camera monitoring.

  • We also have a new ergonomic I-Shift gear selector.

  • Trucks equipped with the side display also have the option of a corner camera.

  • This camera is positioned on the passenger side

  • and covers the blind spot.

  • As you are getting ready to head out,

  • choose the load view in the main display to get an overview of your cargo weight.

  • Then go to navigation view to check your directions.

  • Once selected, go back to the home view and you're ready to hit the road.

  • While driving, use the cruise control-key on the steering wheel

  • to activate cruise control or adaptive cruise control.

  • Once you have reached your desired speed,

  • press the set-key to set it as your cruising speed.

  • You can use the plus or minus key to adjust the speed.

  • Deactivate cruise control by braking or pressing the 0 key.

  • You can still resume your cruise control by pressing the resume-key.

  • You can also take advantage of our stop and go function.

  • After stopping at a red light when using cruise control,

  • once it is time to go, quickly tap the gas pedal

  • and the truck will automatically resume its original cruising speed.

  • If you are driving downhill,

  • press the downhill cruise control-key to activate downhill cruise.

  • During downhill, you can use the brakes

  • without deactivating the downhill cruise control.

  • Just like during regular cruise control,

  • you can adjust your speed using the plus or minus keys.

  • At the end of the hill, you can resume cruise control

  • by pressing the cruise control-key.

  • While using cruise control, you can set up overspeed

  • by pressing the overspeed-key.

  • Underspeed is determined by the truck's current speed

  • and which drive mode is engaged,

  • but you can choose your own overspeed.

  • The settings are clearly visible on the speedometer.

  • In economy mode,

  • underspeed is preset to five kilometres per hour when driving at 65.

  • If speed is increased to 75,

  • underspeed is set to ten kilometres per hour.

  • In standard mode,

  • underspeed is preset to two kilometres per hour when driving at 65.

  • If speed is increased to 75,

  • underspeed is set to five kilometres per hour.

  • On the road, you have the ability to switch between different drive modes.

  • Drive modes influence gear shifting strategy and I-See behaviour.

  • For example, economy mode lowers gear shifting points,

  • delays downshifts on uphill climbs and priorities fuel economy.

  • Standard mode balances gear shifting strategy and I-See strategy

  • for a more balanced dynamic between driveability and fuel economy.

  • I-See is a function that analyses the topography of the road ahead

  • and dictates how the truck handles uphill climbs and downhill descents.

  • It decides when and how the truck accelerates during the climb

  • and when to stop accelerating during the descent.

  • The exact process of how this is done

  • is decided by which drive mode is currently engaged.

  • When the I-See system is activated, you will have a symbol in the display.

  • I-See is available in economy and standard drive mode.

  • At low speed, you can change the direction of travel

  • without having to stop the truck.

  • You can go directly from driving forward into reverse,

  • or the other way around, using the gear selector.

  • The truck automatically stops

  • and starts going in the direction of the selected gear.

  • There is no need to use the brake pedal.

  • Everything is controlled by the accelerator pedal.

  • The harder it is pressed,

  • the faster the truck will brake by itself and change direction.

  • We hope you have enjoyed this presentation of the new Volvo FH

  • and some of its features.

  • If you'd like to know more, feel free to consult the Driver Guide.

Welcome to Gothenburg and this test drive of the new Volvo FH.

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Volvo Trucks - Test drive of the new Volvo FH & FH16 (some features and how to use them)

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