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  • can you reproduce by budding can you can you?

  • Yeah.

  • Uh huh.

  • Right I'm ready.

  • I'm ready.

  • I'm ready.

  • I'm ready.

  • Whoa.

  • There we still have a few more topics to cover first.

  • Yeah yeah.

  • Ha Oh yeah.

  • Oh no.

  • Now they are mocking mimicry madness, March, March my pretties and learn the formula.

  • You're hey dan.

  • I'm only gonna tell you the secret formula one more time.

  • One more time.

  • His name, What's his name?

  • I got nothing out of the game baby.

  • What's the name?

  • Weight throw out and back.

  • Wait whoa whoa.

  • I think I'm gonna be saying head a tiny home for my tiny friend A I almost forgot you've got to have a gear beer bug, you know.

  • Patrick this is a dream.

  • You can do anything you want, yep.

  • I mean anything, watch a million of me.

  • Huh yep.

  • Uh tartar sauce.

  • I'm going to a different dream.

  • Okay there's only one explanation.

  • I'm still in bed and I'm having a nightmare Wagar.

  • I'll do that.

  • Okay thanks, let me do that.

  • Sure, he's right.

  • Of course.

  • I'm right squid wig.

  • Just ask my clones.

  • Sponge, Trans, X, y, and Z.

  • Are the other letters of the alphabet involved here.

  • Sure.

  • All 486 of them.

  • Hell.

  • Mhm.

  • Yeah.

  • Hi Spongebob.

  • We need to talk shows.

  • I love too about what?

  • Who cares?

  • You know, it's okay to be yourself.

  • Spongebob.

  • Sandy, you can do it.

  • Spongebob.

  • Just concentrate and it'll all come back to you.

  • Good morning.

  • Gary money, Rocky Top.

  • I went to college.

  • I said, Ain't your Daddy's if you'll just step into the proto generator.

  • 2000 1st, I close the photo chamber and finally you're talking about.

  • Yes, yes, yes.

  • As you can see, I've produced two clones of my subject which will allow him to honor all the commitments.

  • He's made the seat.

  • Did you hear next month?

  • But you can be in three places at once.

can you reproduce by budding can you can you?

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Every Time SpongeBob Gets Cloned! ? | SpongeBob

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