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  • You're traveling deep beneath the ocean's surface,

  • where faint lights flicker and toothy grins flash.

  • You are now entering... the Twilight Zone.

  • Your mission is to survive these depths

  • and journey to the surface after sundown to feed.

  • You may now pick your player.

  • Just kiddingyou don't have a choice.

  • You're a hatchetfish.

  • And almost everything else is trying to eat you.

  • The tools at your disposal are a uniquely shaped body,

  • shiny scales, and glowing spots on your belly.

  • You're going to need a lot of skill and a little luck.

  • Your first challenge is to begin your upwards trek.

  • Your swim bladder allows you to precisely control your buoyancy.

  • Come nightfall, you slowly fill it up,

  • becoming less dense and rising towards the surface.

  • You can't swim fast, but your narrow build makes you maneuverable.

  • This is especially important since predators could spring out of the darkness

  • at any moment.

  • In fact, a fangtooth is gliding beneath you.

  • It has the ocean's biggest tooth-to-body size ratio.

  • Food is hard to come by in the Twilight Zone,

  • so predators have fearsome adaptations to make every attack count.

  • The fangtooth's skin is ultra-black:

  • it reflects less than 0.5% of the light that hits it,

  • making this fish particularly hard to spot.

  • Fortunately, the bioluminescent organs lining your belly are regulated

  • to match the intensity and pattern of the faint light from the ocean's surface.

  • This counter-illumination disguises your silhouette.

  • So when the fangtooth gazes upwards, you're almost invisible.

  • A bright spot appears in the distance.

  • You go to check it out, but something's looming in the darkness.

  • The light is a bioluminescent lure belonging to an anglerfish.

  • You dart away before it quickly opens its jaws,

  • sucking in a hapless fish that got too close.

  • Another narrow escape, but you're nearly there.

  • Although more than 90% of deep-sea creatures are bioluminescent,

  • only one group produces the color red: dragonfishes.

  • One of them is near.

  • Because red light is quickly absorbed by seawater,

  • most deep-sea inhabitants can't see it.

  • The dragonfish emits red light from organs by its eyes,

  • using an invisible headlight to locate unsuspecting prey

  • that its scoops into its cavernous jaw.

  • You can't see your enemy,

  • but your silvery, mirror-like scales scatter and soften direct light,

  • keeping you hidden.

  • After three close calls, you reach... the Photic Zone.

  • You've just participated in the world's largest migration.

  • It takes place every night as trillions of organisms rise from the ocean's depths

  • to enjoy the surface's rich resources under the cover of darkness.

  • The payoff is huge.

  • Here, your light-sensitive eyes take in a buffet of small crustaceans

  • and gelatinous zooplankton.

  • During the day, phytoplankton use sunlight to turn dissolved carbon dioxide

  • into energy and build their own cells.

  • They become food for small grazers, forming the base of the food web,

  • which extends back down to the Twilight Zoneand beyond.

  • Organic matter generated up herelike bits of skin, poop, and dead animals

  • eventually sinks or is transported in the stomachs of animals

  • returning from their nightly migrations.

  • These materials then feed the creatures below that don't migrate.

  • This ensures that some of the carbon from the atmosphere

  • is locked away in the ocean for hundreds of years to come.

  • That's why this process is known as the biological carbon pump.

  • Without it, there'd be much more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,

  • where it contributes to climate change.

  • Your avatar, the hatchetfish, is part of this crucial process.

  • Your first quest is complete,

  • but you must repeat this journey every night for the rest of your life.

  • As the sun rises, the surface becomes dangerous,

  • and you descend back into the shadows of the Twilight Zone.

You're traveling deep beneath the ocean's surface,

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Could you survive the real Twilight Zone? - Philip Renaud and Kenneth Kostel

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