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  • Hi, everyone. I'm Lynn

  • In today's video, I'm going to teach  you eight basic contractions combining  

  • pronouns and the 'be' verb. Now, it's important to memorize  

  • these contractions. And you have to know  

  • how to make them and how to say them. Pronouncing these contractions correctly in  

  • English will help you sound like a native speaker. Let's get started

  • Okay, here's my list of eight common  contractions using pronouns and 'be' verbs

  • I will say each example two times. The first time, I will say it slowly

  • The second time, I will say it atnormal speed like a native speaker

  • It's really important that  you repeat along after me

  • so don't be shy. And repeat after each example

  • Okay First example, 'I am' goes to 'I'm'. 

  • 'I'm waiting for my friend.' 

  • Okay, one more time. I'm waiting for my friend

  • Next, 'he is' - 'he's' 

  • 'He's walking home.' Again, 'he's walking home'. 

  • 'she is' – 'she's'. 'She's reading a book.' 

  • And again. 'She's reading a book'. 

  • The next one, 'It is' = 'it's'. 'It's a nice day.'

  • And again, 'It's a nice day'. 

  • Next one, 'You are' = 'you're'. 'You're a nice person.' 

  • And again, 'You're a nice person'. 

  • 'we are' = 'we're'. 'We're ready for the test.' 

  • 'We're ready for the test.' 

  • Next one, 'they are' = 'they're'. 'They're very happy.' 

  • 'They're very happy.' 

  • The last one, 'Lynn is' = 'Lynn's'. 'Lynn's teaching English.' 

  • 'Lynn's teaching English.' 

  • Good job, everyone. Let's move on

  • Okay, now, we're going to  take a look at some dialogues

  • These will help you know how  and when to make contractions

  • And how to pronounce them correctly. Conversation 1. 

  • Adam says: “I am going to work.” Brian says: “You are late.” 

  • Adam says: “No. It is still early.” Which words can be changed into contractions

  • Yes these ones. “I'm going to work.” 

  • You're late.” “No. It's still early.” 

  • Let's look at another conversation

  • Conversation 2. Tim says: “I like Steve. He is a nice guy.” 

  • Julie says: “His girlfriend is  Sara. Sarah is a nice girl.” 

  • Tim says: “They are a nice couple.' Which words can be made into contractions

  • Yes, these ones

  • “I like Steve. He's a nice guy.” “His girlfriend is Sara. Sara's a nice girl.” 

  • They're a nice couple.” Let's look at another conversation

  • Pete says: “Are you a teacher?” Sally says: “Yes, I am

  • Pete says: “Ss your brother a teacher?” Sally says: “Yes, he is.” 

  • Which of these words can be  changed into contractions?

  • Right. None of them

  • As you can see, 'I am' and 'he is' cannot be  used as contractions at the end of a sentence

  • All right, great job, everybody. We practiced a lot today

  • And I know you worked hard, so keep on working hard because  

  • these contractions, if you master them, they  will help you sound like a native speaker

  • Be sure to let me know how you're doing in  the comments and see you in the next video

  • Bye.

Hi, everyone. I'm Lynn

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Contractions | Pronoun + 'be' verb | Learn How to Pronounce Basic English Contractions

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