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  • Have you ever wondered where the concept for Oreo cookies came from, or why they've reached an almost cult-like status?

  • With more than 450 billion Oreo cookies sold since their inception in 1912, it's safe to say they've earned the "America's Favorite Cookie" moniker.

  • But, it's not just the US who prefers to twist, lick, and dunk their cookies.

  • Oreo cookies can be found in 100 countries worldwide, and is the best-selling cookie brand of the 21st century.

  • Pour yourself a glass of ice-cold milk and digest some wonder-filled facts about this iconic sandwich cookie.

  • Where did that name come from?

  • The Oreo cookie has gone through quite a few name changes over the past century.

  • When they were first introduced in 1912, they were known simply as the Oreo Biscuit.

  • Then in 1921, the cookie embraced its shape and was renamed the Oreo Sandwich.

  • In 1937, they took a high-brow turn and assumed the name, Oreo Crème Sandwich.

  • The final name change came in 1974 when the cookie became known as the Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie, or Oreo for short.

  • It's possible the name Oreo came from "or," the French word for gold, which was the original package color.

  • Or it could be a simple derivation of the words cream and chocolate.

  • -Creamy little muncher with O-R-E-O.

  • Knock-off cookie.

  • Food scientist Sam J. Porcello, aka "Mr. Oreo," invented the newer version of the delicious creamy, pasty, stick-together filling that's become such a staple of the cookie aisle.

  • But they may not have been all that original.

  • In 1908, four years prior to the launch of Oreos, Sunshine Biscuits released a sandwich cookie called Hydrox.

  • Unfortunately for Hydrox cookies, the brand got lost among the buying and selling of its parent companies, and the marketing genius of Oreos, leading them to disappear from store shelves.

  • Now thanks to Leaf Brands, the Hydrox is back and are ready to defend their "America's Original" title.

  • High class biscuits.

  • In 1912, alongside Mother Goose Biscuits and Veronese Biscuits, Oreo Biscuits made up the Biscuit Trio.

  • The Trio was a variety of the highest-class biscuits available to consumers, a nod to the English biscuits served at teatime.

  • The cookies were seen as an exciting innovation, and the executives at Nabisco were sure they had three surefire hits.

  • They were one-third right.

  • Oreos were the only cookie of the trio to survive.

  • Double Stuf?

  • As with all mass-produced food, the perfect ratio of an Oreo cookie is down to an exact science.

  • So, what about the Double Stuf Oreo?

  • Is it double the filling, as the name suggests?

  • Not quite.

  • According to calculations done by one math teacher, the Double Stuf is actually closer to 1.86x "stuf".

  • If you want to really eat a Double Stuf, just stack the crème side of two regular-sized Oreos togetherand who hasn't done that?

  • The Giant Oreo.

  • How many Oreo cookies are too many?

  • In the middle of the 1980s, the answer was simplejust one Oreo.

  • In 1984, Nabisco launched the Oreo Big Stuf.

  • Individually wrapped, the snack was a whopping 316 calories and took around 20 minutes to eat.

  • For comparison, a single Oreo contains roughly 53 calories.

  • The cookie was eventually phased out.

  • Accidentally vegan?

  • The original recipe for Oreo cookies contained lard, which made them unsuitable for vegansand they were most definitely not kosher.

  • But, with the changing climate of the low-fat 1990s, Nabisco decided it was finally time to get rid of the lard and become kosher.

  • -Oh oh oh bright ideas and an Oreo cookie.

  • It took more than three years to convert their equipment, and with the change brought an unexpected, yet welcoming, side effectOreo cookies were now vegan.

  • Or are they?

  • Spoon University initially revealed the possibility of the cookies being cross-contaminated with milk.

  • Additionally, the sugar in a batch of Oreo cookies may be refined with bone char, an animal-derived natural charcoal.

  • PETA lists Oreo ice cream cones and 100-Calorie Thin Crisps as vegan products.

  • The original cookie (and many of its flavor offshoots) are nowhere to be found.

  • Oreo beer.

  • Oreo cookies have infiltrated the likes of pie crust, churros, and ice cream cones, not to mention the creation of an onslaught of "Cookies and cream" products.

  • Is it any wonder that the classic flavor has finally made its way into the beer aisle as well?

  • In January 2017, Virginia-based The Veil Brewing Company released a version of their chocolate milk stout, called Hornswoggler, that was infused with actual Oreo cookies.

  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, the beer was sold out within a week, because apparently, there's a rampant desire for a cookie-based buzz out there.

  • Considering how prolific Oreos' various flavor profiles have become, don't be too surprised if you start seeing Oreo beers hit shelves in the near future as a result of this experiment-gone-right.

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Have you ever wondered where the concept for Oreo cookies came from, or why they've reached an almost cult-like status?

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The untold truth of Oreos

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