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  • If Street Fighter were to simply count like a normal series, there would have to be at

  • least 2,718 of them by now. They just keep making them and giving them strange prefixes,

  • suffixes, and adjectives to the titles. Instead of Street Fighter 3, we were graced with Street

  • Fighter Alpha, which little did people realize would go on to be its own sub series, all

  • cultivating with Street Fighter Alpha 3, a game that is arguably one of the best releases

  • in the entire Street Fighter series.

  • The game takes many of the ideas that were developing within the Alpha series and gives

  • them all a complete overhaul. This is of course Street Fighter, which means that it is a six

  • button fighter that is focused on using the right combos, specials, and grabs. It is accessible

  • to beginners but has so much depth that you can play the game for years and still be learning

  • new techniques.

  • The fighting offers multiple styles of specials that you pick before the match, which are

  • calledisms.” There is ‘A ism,” which feels familiar as it is a three level super

  • meter, “X ismis like older games and that is one level super you can build up for

  • a power attack, and last is ‘V ismwhere you can perform custom combos. Each is deep

  • and knowing how to master each is essential to success.

  • There is a healthy bunch of characters to master these fighting styles with too. From

  • the necessary ones like Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li, to old favorites making their first appearance

  • in the Alpha series like E. Honda, Blanka and I love seeing the return of my favorite

  • Cammy. And there are even brand new characters like, R. Mika, Juni, and Juli. Each bring

  • their own bag of tricks and don’t really feel like filler.

  • But the biggest new addition comes in the game modes. There is the standard arcade mode

  • and training mode, but now there is the World Tour mode. This is one of the most interesting

  • additions to any fighting game. You select a character, whose stats are lower and lack

  • all the abilities. You then take them through a tour of fights all around the world, in

  • whatever order you like. By winning, you gain experience and level up your characters and

  • yourismsuntil you have tons of combos and breakers. The fights are not always straightforward,

  • with some opponents only taking damage from combos, or shortened time limits and other

  • variables. The World Tour mode really gives you more reason to play, and I would like

  • to see something like it in every fighting game.

  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 is the end result of a lot of games building up and some radical

  • new experiments, and has earned its place in the legendary series.

If Street Fighter were to simply count like a normal series, there would have to be at

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CGR Undertow - STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 review for PlayStation

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