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  • Ever since I can remember I had the dream to start my own organic soap

  • company. That was the reason why I took this job in the first place. But there I

  • was working in the marketing department of a big brand as a junior administrator

  • and instead of being excited to work for this famous company I was frustrated

  • about how things were handled. I felt completely lonely with my ideas to make

  • a positive impact. I spent the entire next weekend studying different pitch

  • formats. I figured that it would be best to follow the requirements of one of the

  • big startup accelerators if I could pitch to one of them I could certainly

  • pitch to the marketing director. I opted for a pitch deck which is based on the

  • following six elements: the problem, my solution, the business model, the market

  • the competition, our team. Okay so the problem: well most body soap brands not

  • only lack a truly refreshing smell but more importantly they also sell in cheap

  • throwaway plastic containers which often lasts not more than a month. New modern

  • consumers however see body soap as a lifestyle choice and they want to have a

  • solution that not only works but also smells incredibly refreshing and is

  • environmentally friendly my solution I call elements it's an organic soap which

  • comes in four fantastic flavors water sky earth and fire in the first order

  • customers get all four flavors and a beautiful glass jar and with a click of

  • a button they get refill packs sent to their home in sustainable carton

  • packages

  • the business model is the result of our understanding of the lifetime value of a

  • customer my customers will be very loyal as they made a clear lifestyle choice to

  • buy it the first purchase someone makes is therefore just seen as an investment

  • we make into a long lasting relationship it will cost customers 25 US dollars and

  • they get a beautiful glass jar and the trial set of all four flavors the money

  • we make later from selling the refill packs and sustainable paper bags for 15

  • US dollars similar to the famous razor and blades business model the market is

  • enormous in the beginning we will target urban women aged 20 to 30 years living

  • in the United States they are well-educated they care about the

  • environment and are interested to express themselves through lifestyle

  • choices based on my research they spent on average around 50 to $100 on body

  • soap each year as there are around 15 million women in the US who are in their

  • 20s living in urban areas the total market opportunity is at least 750

  • million dollars a year once we capture some of that we will expand to other

  • consumers and go global our competition are big brands they own the market and

  • they've been telling consumers over the years that body wash comes in a cheap

  • plastic bottle which ends up in the ocean or on a landfill smaller startups

  • like ours might compete with them in some segments but we rather consider

  • them as allies as we fight for the same thing educating consumers to make a

  • switch to a more sustainable soap the team that's me and my brother who

  • currently studies biochemistry but soon he will have his degree and since he's a

  • real nature freak he is full on board to help me develop a winning formula my

  • strengths are communication organization and a clear understanding of what girls

  • my age want it took me until Sunday night until I had what I thought was the

  • perfect pitch few days later in the office I saw the

  • marketing director and took the initiative I asked him to give me three

  • minutes of his time so I could pitch to him but instead of hearing me out he

  • just said why don't you pitch it next Monday at the board meeting the old guys

  • are always open for new ideas from the young people within the company maybe

  • they will fund a prototype and do a market test then he added with a smile

  • the biggest secret of getting funding is this ask for money you'll get advice ask

  • for advice and you'll get money I was completely blown away I should present

  • my idea to the board and I knew exactly what to ask for I couldn't sleep that

  • night I was too excited about what the marketing director had told me the next

  • morning when I went through my pitch again I wasn't sure if I was really

  • prepared I called my former teacher he had already started several successful

  • companies the next day we met and I pitched my

  • idea to him after he listened to me my teacher got really excited and said if

  • they don't buy your idea on Monday I'll offer to finance you to get started

  • oMG I was so excited and so thankful on my way home I reflected on my situation

  • I wondered if I really want to pitch to the board and carry on working for the

  • same company which makes me feel miserable after all I only worked there

  • to gain enough experience to start my own business I realized that actually I

  • don't want someone else to buy and sell my idea I want to try making it myself

  • it was clear to me that this is my chance to finally get started I called

  • my manager thanked him for his time and told him I'll quit my job to start my

  • own thing

  • how about you did you ever try to pitch your business idea

  • write down your idea and follow the different stages like described in this

  • video and post it in the comments below or even better why not make a proper

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  • you

Ever since I can remember I had the dream to start my own organic soap

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