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Hi everyone, I hope you are doing great
Today's tutorial is a work appropriate makeup look, so nothing too over the top
but you know nice and polish
After the make up tutorial, I will also show you how you can do your hair
you know that being said, I hope you enjoy it and let's get start it!
I have had to take up the blazer it was literally like a strike jacket, and I was just.. too much
As usual I have already moisturized my face but I will go in with this primer called Matte Out Mattifying Face Base by Australis
you put it over your T-zone and it will hopefully reduces the chances of your skin coming quite oily and shiny throughout today
so I wind this up a little bit and just apply that over up my T-zone
Please forgive my nails, by the way I use this OPI nail polish and they made my nails go yellow, which is really gross
And I will shot...
Next I want to use the L'Oreal True Match Foundation in W4, perfect foundation for working environment because you can start off with a very minimum amount.
And then all the way up if you require a little bit more coverage
And my favorite brush for foundation at the moment is the real techniques multi-task brush
and brush this into my skin, I love this brush because almost feels like it’s very air- brushy, because it is very fluffy
very air-brushy, because it is very fluffy
next I'm using the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard, I love this product
very similar shape to MAC pro longwear in NC 20 but, very creamy consistency
and so much easier to use because it has the doe-foot rather than the pump thing
where am I oops
next one I’m going to use on my face is the NARS Pressed Powder in Beach
I love using these two together, this is the sigma large powder F20 brush
Something about these two together is just like an unbeatable combo
Now of course a lot of you will be more comfortable wearing a BB cream or tinted moisturizer during the day
Was usual just about what you feel comfortable with
next blush I am going to my newest Milani Blush called series one Dolce Pink
It is their baked power blush and it is stunning. Let me just give you a good picture of that.
I didn’t contour because I kind of skip contouring when I don’t feel like I need to do it
So I don’t feel like I need to do it at work because it’s just it not a very you know dramatic or special occasion it's just going to work
And it takes more time to contour.
So I am just gonna try to blush, and apply it like all you do.
Now for my current favorite brow product,
this is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde. that is a long name, but it is worth it.
I love this stuff, it is like gel eyeliner of your eyebrows basically
and it's just the perfect shade, it gives me a nice, clean crisp line. It is so, like, long-wearing.I find that it's actually hard for me to get it off with my makeup wipes.
And I use it with the Anastasia brush number 12. It has the little tip like this,
and it has the spooly on the end. So I like to brush through my brows, and get them into the right shape.
Like so.
And then, I just fill them in like I normally would.
I'm feeling pretty good about my eyebrows today. I'm particularly impressed with this one.
It worked out quite nice, I must admit.
This one errrr.... This one emmmm.....
Next we want to use MAC Paint Pot in soft ochre as my base.
This isn't a crucial step, but if you do have oily eyelids, and your eye shadows tend to crease throughout the day, definitely a necessary step.
So I'm just going to
apply some of that. And this is good as well, because it literally takes like, I don't know, ten, twenty seconds to apply. So it's not a big time waste.
For my eyes, I want to keep it very very simple, nothing too bright or dark. This is the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in 892 Amber Rush.
This shade is gorgeous because you can tell that you're wearing it, but it's not very in your face.
So it adds a really nice sheen to the eyelid, adds a little bit of color, but isn't too obnoxious.
And I'm gonna apply that straight to my eyelid.
And add a little bit in the corner of your eyes.
Next I'm going to take the Sigma Tapered Blending e40 Brush
with that eye-shadow and use this to blend it out into the crease.
Next I'm going to use the Benefit Eye Bright in my waterline.
This is nice because it just opens up your eyes even more. I feel like I say "it opens up your eyes," "it makes your eyes look more white," like every second sentence.
Next, of course, is the Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara
I want to use this, as I always do, just on my top and bottom of eyelashes.
Now time for lipstick, I'll be using the Calvin Klein Lipstick in 710 Bliss.
It’s kind of nice pink glossy shade. I wanted to go for a nice glossy shade because you can just quickly apply it, and it still looks like you put in effort.
To rather applying a lipstick and a lip gloss you can just go straight in with one of these. (It) adds a nice color to your lips,
but doesn't kind of wash them out, doesn't make them look too matte, too dry..
As you can see this shade isn't too pink, isn't too nude.
It's kind of like a nice "my lips but better shade".
So it's nice and work appropriate.
So as you can see, my hair is in a bit of a state right now.
I'm just gonna brush it through a little bit.
Just get rid of all the knots.
Going to turn my straightener on.
And I before I go and straighten my hair, I'm going to split it into two
and I'm going to use my Tresemme Keratin Smooth
Heat-protection and Shine Spray.
I've used these Tresemme Heat-protection Sprays for as long as I can remember.
I'm just going to spray the ends.
Smells good though. So now I've use the heat-protection spray, I'm going to go in and straighten the bits
that are at the front of my face
and the bits that are near my ear.
You think my works done soon.
Okay, so now I'm just going to bunch my hair up at the back in a ponytail.
Just go very loosely so that you don't have it like very tightly pulled.
Just so it's kind of like that, so you can really play around with the hair on the sides.
And pull it up a little bit, so it's like up here.
And then grab a hair elastic.And then twist your hair around. Just like this, kind of like it twists around itself.
Doesn't have to be neat at all, that’s the point of hair. And then I'm going to grab the elastic, and just tie this around this bun.
That's the first one. Then I'm going to need a second one to keep it in place.
And I'm just going to do that,
and put it in the middle of the bun. So it's kind of like that.
So we've got a nice messy bun.
Now, if you find any bits that you want to pin back or neaten up,
just grab a bobby pin like this,
and just pin it in place.
So now that the back is done, I'm just going to pull out a few bits of hair from the front.
The bits that we straightened.
You don't want to grab too much, you just want it to be kind of effortlessly messy.
And then even at the back of the bun,
you can kind of just tug at it a little bit, and pull it out..
Random pieces just to make it a little bit more scruffy.
And by scruffy I mean like "accidently on purpose" scruffy.
Next I'm going to use the Tresemme Salon Finish Hairspray
this is number 5 Freeze Hold.
And I'm going to spray some little bits and pieces in place.
So I'm going to spray the top of my heads and all my flyaways.
Hair spray down. I'm going to spray the side.
Just to keep it in place.
I love this one because it's honestly one of the strongest hair sprays
I've used. So it's perfect for keeping your hair in place for the whole day.
And the size of this one is perfect to put in my handbag. If I ever need to touch up my hair throughout the day.
So this is the finish look. Thank you all so much for watching.
All the products that I used, and the links, etc are down below in the description box, so please check them out as usual.
Thanks watching, I hope you all have a great day, and I'll see you very soon. Bye.
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Work / Office Makeup Tutorial!

73137 Folder Collection
Vivian Lam published on September 16, 2016    Paris Tsai translated    Vivian Lam reviewed
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