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  • What a beautiful planet, a place we always dreamed about.

  • Earth.

  • [A Netflix Double Feature Film.]

  • The power of all the nightmares we have accumulated will turn this world into a planet of death!

  • Mamo-chan!

  • My chest... What was that?

  • Beautiful maiden.

  • Save our existence from this nightmare!

  • [For Love And Justice.]

  • And it seems the more you hesitate, the deeper they can get into your heart.

  • [The Entire Dream Arc.]

  • We'll sell nightmares all over the world.

  • [Presented In Two Films.]

  • Protecting this planet. That's always been our truth.

  • Attack!

  • We can't give up.

  • You won't defeat my curse.

  • We have to fight, no matter what.

  • I am one who sleeps within you. A memory, you might say.

  • And it's time to wake up.

  • Don't forget, this was only the premiere of the Dead Moon Circus.

  • We've only just begun.

  • [To Protect The World.]

  • [And Those We Hold Dear.]

  • [Beautiful Dreams.]

  • [Will be.]

  • -Sailor Planet Power! -[Reborn.] -[Eternal.]

  • In the name of the Moon, I, Sailor Moon, will punish you!

What a beautiful planet, a place we always dreamed about.

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