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  • hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech  with your pronunciation question  

  • our words today are collision  which is a crash or a conflict and  

  • coalition and alliance let's  take a look at these words

  • they look rather similar so what's the difference  collision is going to have three beats or three  

  • syllables and coalition is going to have  four beats or four syllables so let's break  

  • these down for collision we're going to start  with the syllable and to do this the tongue  

  • tip is down back of the tongue is pulled up for  the and then you're just going to add that short  

  • uh sound that schwa sound next we're going to  move to the lip and to do this touch the tip of  

  • the tongue to the back of the top front teeth and  then again open the mouth it's going to be relaxed  

  • and the tip of the tongue is going  to be just below the top front teeth

  • you can kind of see it popping down a little  bit there and then we're going to end with  

  • jean to do this round your lips  for that sound and your voice box  

  • is on and then we're going to end with the un  to do this again unstressed uh sound and then  

  • touch the tip of the tongue to the  back of the top front teeth for the end

  • collision collision for coalition  we are going to start with  

  • co start with the k and then round the  lips to move to that long o sound ko ko ko

  • add the schwa the short uh syllable  very relaxed mouth and then again the li  

  • touch the teeth for the l pull it down as your  lips are relaxed so your mouth is relaxed you can  

  • have a nice short relaxed ih sound and then end  this time with a shun it sounds very similar to  

  • zhun and looks very similar but what's the  difference the difference is my voice box is off  

  • for the sh sound so we have sh versus zh so let's  put this all together ko uh li shun ko uh li shun

  • coalition coalition coalition one more thing  to keep in mind here is that we are going to  

  • stress the li syllable and each of these  words that means it's going to be louder  

  • longer and higher than the others which are going  to be shorter softer and lower in pitch so let's  

  • try those two words again coalition coalition  coalition collision collision collision collision  

  • coalition coalition collision collision coalition  and now for a sentence the coalition vehicles were  

  • involved in a collision the coalition vehicles  were involved in a collision give it a try people  

  • are going to notice the difference we'd lovelike a share and a subscribe you can check out  

  • our products on google play and itunes and  our classes at Tarle speech thanks everyone

hi everyone jennifer from tarle speech  with your pronunciation question  

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