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  • Hi, my name is Elie Goldstein and a bitches model and I'll show you my daily routine.

  • So your birthday idea is a vitamin D.

  • Is Gipp of em in the system calcium a fortune fit, keeping myself healthy.

  • This is my, my face right?

  • So I washed my face every day.

  • Mm uh huh.

  • He makes my life greek clean.

  • So I was filled with josie dome and she might not know.

  • I loved it on the covers off our grandma law because that I can see myself and read the articles about me and also I by others.

  • Now that gives a partner jim and I hope it will all come to in your life.

  • Be confident, never give a bigger shell, not much who you are to finish out to be perfect myself.

  • Mhm These tona deeply cleans pause.

  • It means excess oils as well.

  • Oh, nice move.

  • When I did a booty booty campaign as a shoot, I felt honest, proud, amazed and overwhelmed.

  • I never expected this and I'm famous now show I'm not door, I quit.

  • I use this for my own die area.

  • It de prognosis it was scared.

  • Make it your smooth.

  • Next up we had is the village leader, skinny food.

  • I love this is not it to oblige giving great moisture too must get well, so smooth, so signing.

  • We have the Avon she posting and the radiance cream.

  • So I make sure this cream into my scheme and I don't like quite benefit ish.

  • Use the under eye for a business to my skin it that we called at the moment.

  • So I have to, um, most on my face, I get my skin a lot of the time.

  • So I almost to rise on my face every day and every night.

  • I love taking care of my skin On my face because I love to look one people are beautiful all the day.

  • I was about 14 years old.

  • Ever since I've where to go into it and I love hair and I look beautiful and wonderful.

  • So this is my body butter.

  • I use this of my shower bath.

  • It makes my skin is so smooth and clean.

  • It was so nice.

  • This is the iphone body spray can do.

  • Yeah.

  • This is the mango hand cream.

  • This makes my heart so to move and with five my hands and my hands are so smooth.

  • So, no, no, it hasn't really nice.

  • So mixed up.

  • I will apply this help birth display.

  • So yeah, well shows move and so, so I love it.

  • I'm gonna cut my sometimes, but man, so normal.

  • So I like having my hair.

  • Haven't wake up, don with the makeup after the hair styling.

  • I like my hair in plaques bun cheese or pick up our boys and my makeup like pink.

  • You know, I like my cup lipstick, The V five, but a potential put this on my eyebrows.

  • I love doing my makeup for everyday live.

  • I do my eyebrows and my licks these, oh, my options.

  • Gonna pick fish one.

  • So I feel glamorous wearing this.

  • I love it.

  • And they also like my lips in a different color done.

  • People watching and I hope that you love it by right.

Hi, my name is Elie Goldstein and a bitches model and I'll show you my daily routine.

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