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But that is what she said. (Subtitle by Bryan Pai, BS Translations)
Well, I can't believe we're in the same class this whole semester and we just met today.
Yeah, it's too bad.
Too bad.
Well, just because class's over. It doesn't mean we still can't see each other, right?
Yeah, I can come by the bowling alley where you work.
Cool, I'll totally hook it up.
Awesome, my boyfriend loves bowling.
I'm sorry. What did you say?
My boyfriend loves bowling.
I'm sorry what did you say?
My boyfriend loves to bowl?
I'm sorry, what did you say?
My boyfriend...
She has a boyfriend.
So, it's a little over dramatic.
But that's pretty much how i feel inside every single time.
Well, it was really nice meeting you.
Yeah, it was nice meeting you too.
My ride's here.
And when i say every single time, it's because every girl I crush on has a boyfriend.
Oh! Come on!
Claire Fisher "In a relationship."
Hey Vivian, this's Frank. Yeah, you gave me your number at the car wash today.
Oh yeah. Hey, You know let me call you right back because my boyfriend...
Hello? What the hell?
That's just~ my~ luck!
I mean the universe just wants to dangle all these carrots in front of me. It's cruel.
Take this girl for example. Her name is Carol.
She's coming in here a few times over last couple of months.
super nice, super cute. But I just know.
I just know, she probably has a boyfriend. Knowing my luck.
Although, of all the time she's been here, she hasn't shown any signs.
Full frontal hug with hip contact, is that a boyfriend?
Nah. friends can hug like that.
Friends can sit on each others laps, right?
Yeah, totally.
I mean why does this always happen.
Its not that complicated, Frank.
If you're interested in them, chances are other guys are interested too.
You are not the only one with eyes and the…
Dude, but they are never single. Okay?
They always have a boyfriend.
If they are never single, how do I even get a shot?
Right, like how did her current boyfriend get into that spot if she's always been in a relationship.
Dude, if I can figure that out...
And you would have infinite potential to get with any girl on the face of the universe.
Tanner what are you doing here?
Well, the arcade's getting a little lonely and I overheard your little pity party.
I now know we are on a common mission.
Walk and talk!
I've been in your shoes Frankie.
For the last fifteen years of my life. I have wondered the same thing.
Why every girl I liked has always had a boyfriend.
Now, Jeff was right, good catches are always gonna have multiple people going after them,
which means they will usually always be in a relationship.
Unless of course during that "I just want to be single right now" phases.
But sometimes a beautiful thing happens. They break up.
You are a terrible person.
Can you hold it a second?
Now. What I mean is... in a tragic case, she breaks up with her boyfriend.
You now have a chance to be there for her and takeover.
And this is your window of opportunity to swoop-in.
Now depending on how awesome this girl is. That window is gonna go real fast. You gotta get in there real quick.
So when will I know when this window of opportunity opens up.
You need to stick around her.
Always be her friend and always keep up with her.
So you want me to voluntarily put myself in the friend zone?
No, no, no.
You know I'm friends for like 15 different girls. You know just to keep my place in line.
It's... it's not so bad.
Right, but you also haven't had a girlfriend and like ever…
You take one of these.
What's this for?
For the girl you like in there.
You hold on to this. And then when you find out that she's been broken up with
you come in and swoop in with this rose.
That is the worst advice ever.
Want a rose?
Get that disgusting thing off my coffee table.
You and Linda have been going out for a while, how did you do?
I feel for you man.
When I first met Linda, she had a boyfriend too.
He was hot.
And I knew for a fact that there were at least three other guys going after her.
So many guys wanted to be with me.
So how did you do it?
I had an inside man.
Oh God.
Look, it is imperative that you have someone close to her
that can directly or indirectly find information about their relationship.
Woo, that's so evil.
But so necessary.
Look man, you got to know what you're working with.
What if this girl is happy in her relationship.
You don't want to be that dick. That's trying to break up a happy couple
and plus when a girl is happy with her dude.
Any other guy that approaches her just comes off creepy.
Carol, you should definitely leave your boyfriend for me, yeah.
Yeah... definitely don't want to be that guy.
But, what if she is not happy.
What if her boyfriend is just a stupid douche stinky boyfriend, right?
But you're never gonna know if she is happy or not unless you have someone on the inside.
And that way I can avoid being friendzoned.
Wait, what if…
Hey, you are Carol's friend Amy right?
Okay So this is... ugh... sort of awkward, but...
That guy at the bowling alley totally likes you.
What guy?
Don't just come right out and say it.
Just be normal friends.
Thanks for having me over.
Yeah. I had fun.
Yeah, cool. So I gotta
whoa! what you are doing?
I thought you liked me.
What? No! We're just friends.
Carol, I like Carol.
Can you both stop it?
Is this girl that special to you?
Yeah, I think so.
Think so?
Is she worth waiting for in the unknown chance she become single
and you have no idea when it can happen?
Is she worth causing a bunch of drama and hurting people if you say something?
If you're ready either swallow your feeling or piss off a bunch of people
then all this advice is actually valid.
You do want to stay friends but not in a shady way.
And yes, it's good to have someone that knows the situation better on the inside,
but don't manipulate people.
Yeah, don't do that Frank, come on.
It's not one simple strategy. It's a bunch of variables that have to align.
So stop thinking you are the perfect match for every girl
and that it's only because she has a boyfriend why you can't be together.
There is a reason why the window of opportunity is closing on you.
You just can't see it right now.
You are so hot.
Take a walk.
Not here Frank.
Thank you.
Oh, hi
Frank, I work at the Bowling alley.
Frank! Thanks for the discounts last time.
Oh, no problem. I haven't seen you guys there lately.
Oh, my boyfriend has gotten really into tennis lately
so we've been doing a lot of that now.
Your boyfriend is really lucky.
Thanks. Maybe I'll see you at the Bowling alley soon.
Oh, yeah. Oh, better see some turkeys.
What does rhyme with "hug me"?
Hey, was that Carol just come out.
Yeah. I said hello to her inside.
Nice. What else did you say.
I just said her boyfriend is really lucky.
Seriously!? After five minutes of all that advice that's what you say?
you complement her boyfriend.
I was complementing her too.
It doesn't matter. Look, you are doing the exact opposite of what you need to be doing.
I'm not really trying to do anything.
OK, now i'm confused.
Look, I think I just need to relax a bit.
I don't wanna be one of those guys who's always angry about girls.
Alright, what happens when the next girl you like also has a boyfriend.
I don't know. Well, depend on the situation then.
But for now, Carol seems happy.
When the timing is right, I will find that with someone too.
Alright, fair enough. At least you'll stop whining.
Friends can share drinks.
About a year later…
Excuse me, do you know if it's okay to park here?
Umm… Oh my gosh!
-Carol! -Yeah! -What are you doing here?
Just shopping, running some errands.
Are you still at the Bowling alley?
Nah, I left my bowling days behind.
Yeah. Me too.
Oh, your boyfriend never got back into it?
Well, we're not together anymore.
Oh sorry.
Totally okay.
So what are you doing now?
Uh, applying to grad school
and me and my girlfriend are gonna go to a book store and get some studying done.
It's great. I don't wanna make you late.
And yeah, I think you're good till 3.
Oh, thanks.
You know sometimes, just seems like you're missing out all these different people.
But in reality, just being saved for the right person
who's even better.
They don't have the Tiramisu, so I got the red velvet.
-Ready to go? -Yeah
-Man I knew she had a boyfriend. -Why is this happening every single time?
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Wong Fu Productions: She Has a Boyfriend

99463 Folder Collection
Bryan Pai published on August 10, 2014    Bryan Pai translated    Laura Hung reviewed
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