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Hi, I'm Gordon Ramsay,
Chef, Restauranteur, 24 restaurants across the globe. There was only one place
to learn how to cook properly when I was 19 and that was London.
My first impressions of South London was extraordinary and this is why I fell in
love with
Albert Bridge. I mean, it looks stunning doing the day,
and nighttime it's picturesque. For me
London was the most fascinating place to be
as a 19-year-old because it gave me character
and they gave me nostalgial, history,
probably gave me a lot of confidence. Whenever we're returning from a long trip,
the first thing we do is go out for a great curry. Brick Lane.
I mean it's its phenomenal. it's like a little Bombay down there. Some
industry beyond belief. Walking down Brick Lane,
eating the most amazing curry. And trust me, even with three Michelin stars
and renowned for some of the finest food in the world, you can't beat
a good London curry. And Borough Market, that's when I feel that I've
reconnected with London when I'm back there. There's something quite vibrant and exciting for
youngsters growing up in London.
the culture, whether it's the Tate Modern one day,
or an an ice rink the next, even though I wasn't born here,
I feel like this is my home. I look at my four young children today and
the knowledge they have, just in terms of the
advantages of growing up in London
I can go literally to St Pauls, they can shoot over to
Borough Market. They've all got their bus passes
I love London Transport. Something unique, because no matter how many countries
globally who try to replicate what London has, no one can copy it. You may
get close but you'll never get the real deal unless you're here.
Shall I let you into a little London secret? The best place for the
ultimate London fry-up is a 24-hour greasy spoon cafe on the Fulham Road called
Vingt-Quatre, the place is phenomenal. Trust me,
there's nowhere better to eat anywhere in the world than London.
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The London Story - Gordon Ramsay

2403 Folder Collection
kcwooo published on August 10, 2014
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