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Back in the 70s, you found a snazzy picture of a wooden shelf that you wanna buy.
You cut around it, put it on your holy scrapbook, and keep it under your pillow.
Fast forward to the 90s, internet storms all over the world.
People are screening the web.
And right clicking is the way to grab a picture of a wedding gown you always dreamed of.
But then you have to save it, put it on a floppy disk, and risk to lose it.
It's a new world.
There's got to be something better than this.
Use Pinterest.
Click pictures from any website with your browser, laptop, tablet, mobile, and post them on your board.
Create many boards as you want.
Cute animal babies, delicious-looking cookies you just baked, things your husband really want for Christmas,
or your proud collection of every Chuck Norris movies. Just anything you can think of.
Once pin, your pins are shared with other pinners who can repin them on their own boards.
You can also follow other pinners to get update on their pins.
It's a fun and simple way to share things you like and meet others with similar interest across the globe.
It goes beyond just sharing pictures.
Pinterest can be used to organize the events, share recipes, or do yourself projects, and promote stuff.
Pinterest. Get your invitation today and start pinning.
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What is Pinterest? An animated video.

16999 Folder Collection
Anastasia Hsu published on December 28, 2018    Ah translated    Vicky reviewed
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