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  • Okay, wow, here's a nice big McDonald's with a McCafe.

  • And today, there's a new dessert item on the menu.

  • A limited-time offer item on the menu today here at McDonald's in Japan, so I'm going to order that.

  • Ooh, Samurai Mac.

  • Not sure where the samurai comes in, but you know you're in Japan.

  • [Speaking Japanese.] Welcome, hello. What is your order, please?

  • Uh, hi. [Speaking Japanese] Yes, excuse me. Do you have macarons?

  • [speaking Japanese] I'm very sorry. That is the McCafe menu and is only available in store.

  • [Speaking Japanese] I see, yes, OK.

  • [Speaking Japanese] I am very sorry, please keep moving.

  • Okay, so the limited dessert item is macarons, so I have to go inside to get those.

  • I think my coffee is going to be good because there's five people making it.

  • This is going to be a real good coffee.

  • I think they're doing training here today because this is a new McDonald's.

  • I've never seen so much staff at one place.

  • So, these are the macarons, which are usually, you know, from France, in France, but they have them here in Japan and it's pretty cool.

  • So that's kind of what I wanted to show you.

  • It's a box of six of them, and it opens like this.

  • So it's kind of nice, almost you can give it as a gift, it'd be cool.

  • I got two matcha, two chocolate, one strawberry, and one vanilla flavor.  

  • Um, let's try out the matcha flavor here.

  • I'll give one taste test.

  • Looks like a hamburger that went bad. Let me try it out.

  • Okay it's good. It really has a matcha flavor.

  • It's a bit chewier than macarons I've had before, but for McDonald's, I guess it's pretty good.

  • That was a cappuccino really tasty, really great

  • And the McCafe is there, and the staff must be in training.

  • I've never seen so many people in a McDonald's before.

  • And the macarons really coolreally colorful, pretty tasty.

  • Maybe not as good as you would get at, you know, a French pastry shop, but they're good.

  • So, anyways thank you for watching, please like, subscribe, and see you again.

Okay, wow, here's a nice big McDonald's with a McCafe.

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McDonald's Drive Thru in JAPAN | Do the Macarons Taste Good?

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