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  • In this English lesson I wanted to help you learn the English phrase, "It strikes me that..."

  • This is a phrase that I used yesterday a couple of times when I was talking about the emojis that I like to choose.

  • I said, well, I just choose emojis that strike me as cool.

  • When something strikes you, when you describe something as "striking you" in English, it literally means something hitting you, you know, a ball can strike me in the face - hopefully that doesn't happen.

  • But when something strikes you in the way that I used it, it means that you notice it or you've decided that it's cool.

  • So, I pick the emojis based on ones that strike me as cool, ones that I notice are cool, or ones that I just think are cool when I see them.

  • So they strike me as being cool.

  • The other phrase I wanted to teach you today is the phrase "To strike a balance."

  • When you try to strike a balance, you're trying to create a solution to something.

  • Usually you're trying to get two people to agree on something in a way where they're both happy but they don't both get exactly what they want.

  • Sometimes there's three cookies, and I have five children that want the cookies, so in order to strike a balance, I cut the cookies in pieces and everyone gets a half and then I get a couple cookie halves too.

  • But anyways, I'm not sure my math there is correct, but I think you understand what I mean.

  • When you strike a balance, If I wanted to strike a balance, I create a situation where everyone gets some of what they want, but not exactly what they wanted, and hopefully, everybody's happy.

  • So to review when something strikes you, it can be something that physically hits you, like if my, one of my kids kicked a ball at me, it could strike me in their head, but it can also be used to talk about something that you've noticed.

  • Um, it might strike you as a little bit funny that there are goats behind me.

  • I'm not sure you can see them today.

  • Is that a goat right there?

  • It might be.

  • I know some of you noticed them yesterday.

  • And of course, the phrase "to strike a balance" means to create a situation where everyone gets a little bit of what they want but not exactly what they wanted, but hopefully everyone's happy.

  • Hey, let's look at a comment from a previous video.

  • This is a comment from Judit.

  • And Judit says, "Thanks a lot, cameraman."

  • My response was. "You're welcome."

  • "My camera moving skills are great when I want to show something but not so great when I want to put the camera back in the exact spot I took it from, this time it went quite smoothly."

  • So in my last video, I actually moved the camera while I was doing the lesson, and I thought that maybe I should do that more.

  • Maybe I should actually move the camera a little bit more so you can see more of the things that are happening around me.

  • I think maybe I scared the goats, maybe not.

  • By the way, some of you thought they might be sheep; they do look a little bit like a type of sheep called a Dorper sheep, but they are actually Boer goats.

  • They are originally from, um, well, these aren't from South Africa, but the breed is originally from South Africa.

  • And we usually keep about five or 10 head of Boer goats on our farm.

  • Ah, because if you look over here, we have a bit of land that we can't use for anything else because it's very hilly.

  • So along the river here, we have a pasture where the goats can go when they want to eat.

  • So, anyways, just a little bit.

  • Thanks Judit for that comment.

  • A little bit of a view of the goats.

  • I will try to learn how to walk with my camera a little bit more for the last minute of these videos

  • Because as the property becomes a little more green, it's a lot of fun to look at, bye.

In this English lesson I wanted to help you learn the English phrase, "It strikes me that..."

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