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Excuse me,excuse me, I have a question, how to get to the Hollywood Borough Road?
Ah,wait,sounds like is right of here and you go one block north of that and you will get to the Hollywood Borough Road.
Oh I'm not really from here which is just moved here from Arctic circle?
-Oh cool! -So,yeah,I got the penguins at home.
-yeah -So....- Did they came with you?- yeah...
-What,what were you doing earlier?- That's nice!
-I,I went to the restaurant near by -Ah,near by..nice
-yeah- Do you have any plans tonight or you wanna come for a ride,I guess, or do something?
-I'm bored and I'm just move ,no friends.- Ah,yeah
-you rea-? -Do you wanna go ride of this?-yeah
-you mean right now? -yep, Wh-Why not?
-Okay,good!-Oh, get back hell the way from my car,you're stupid little freak.
My car,so go with him
You're not going?
What!? Are you serious? Wow Did you see that? Wow
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Gold Digger Surprise Prank!

14945 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on August 9, 2014
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