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  • I don't know what I'm gonna do.

  • I called the company that sent her and they don't care.

  • Then I called 911 and they yelled at me.

  • If this isn't an emergency! then what is?

  • - Hey, guys. - Hey.

  • I just wanted to thank you again for last night.

  • What a great party.

  • And the guys from work had a blast.

  • And you know, one of them had never been to a bachelor party before.

  • Yeah, another one had been to a party before, so..

  • So, uh, hey, that wedding ring, huh?

  • - Man, that is nice. - Yeah, right?

  • Yeah, I was thinkin' I might pick one of those babies up for myself.

  • Where might one get one of those?

  • That ring?

  • When my grandmother first came to this country that ring and the clothes on her back were all she had with her.

  • So you might say that the ring is irreplaceable.

  • Oh, absolutely. It's been in my family for generations.

  • And every bride who's worn it has lived a long and happy life So you might say it's a magic ring.

  • Yeah, the stripper stole it.

  • M-my ring? My-my wedding ring?

  • The-the stripper stole my wedding ring?

  • How-how could this happen?

  • Well I think it all started when you said

  • "Hey, Joey, why don't you be my best man!"

  • Alright, alright, fine, I'm go-gonna call the cops.

  • Dude, I-I screwed up. You don't have to turn me in.

  • - Not on you, on the stripper. - Oh, yeah, I already did.

  • They said they'd look into it right after they solve all the murders.

  • Okay, well, then, we'll the company that sent her.

  • Well, I did that too.

  • They wouldn't give me her real name or her number.

  • They said if I bothered them again, they'd call the police I said, "You talk to the police you tell them I'm missin' a ring."

  • So, what, Joey, what are you telling me?

  • That there's nothing we can do?

  • 'How could this happen?'

  • Look, Ross, I am so, so, sorry.

  • Well, what if we just called her used a fake name and had her come to my office?

  • Oh, that sounds like fun, but we got a ring to find!

I don't know what I'm gonna do.

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