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bjbj Mike Chang: Hey, what s up guys? This is Mike Chang with and
we are doing big ass arm day today. So we are at my buddy s gym, private gym, really
simple. Got some barbells and dumbbells, heavy ass weight, and in big ass arm today we are
going to be working on big ass triceps. So follow me. We are going to be doing three
exercises today. First one is going to be Skull Crushers and I just have a barbell right
here. You can do this with straight bar or you can do this with easy curl bar. And next
exercise we are going to walk over here. This is just a basic simple pull up station, and
pretty much every gym has it. We are going to be using the dip bars. We are going to
do dips and then afterwards we are going to go to the bench-press and we are going to
do close grip bench. So let s make sure you get your form right before we build big ass
arms and not get a big ass injury. Alright let s do it. So with skull crushers, there
is a lot different ways that people do skull crushers and I have pretty much experimented
with all of them and what I have found to be really, really effective. I am going to
show you two ways. So most people they do a skull crusher. They come down to their skull
or their forehead. They go like this and then they come back up. Well that is the proper
form of how to do a skull crusher, but you want to go ahead and make sure you get a good
stretch on your muscles and your triceps that s what going to make them bigger if it is
that full right posture. So instead of going to your forehead, you are going to go above
your forehead, above your head, right here and then come back up. It is going to look
like this. Just like that. Now, what I recently have been doing now to really go ahead and
bring out those triceps to get more range of motion so I can work on more triceps is
I come to here and prepared to give that extra stretch, back to here and then I come up.
So I am going to go and show you that again. Come down above your head, go ahead and get
that stretch and then one movement back up. So it is almost like two movements going down
and one movement going up. So I am going to do a few reps to show you. That works and
good buddy of mine name is Moe New York showed me that. Dude has some sick, sick ass arms,
huge triceps. He showed me how to do those. I have been doing those now. Really, really
good. I can really feel those in my triceps. So thanks a lot Moe. And even though the weight
is not very heavy, but when you get that full range like that it really, really works your
triceps. So you want to go ahead and do a superset between the skull crushers and dips.
So this is pretty basic. On here, a lot of guys like to go all the way down to where
their elbows are way beyond 90. Personally for me it is a lot of stress on my shoulders
and I feel some stress here on the elbows also. So personally for me I go by 90 degrees.
It is up to you. If you are really, really flexible you can come down a little more.
I would probably recommend even though a full range of motion is good, but when it comes
to like dips you probably want to stay at about 90 just to be safe, as we do it. And
if doesn t hurt right now and you can do it, it is probably only a matter of time before
it starts to hurt and you are going to have to limit your range of motion anyways. And
then when you do you are also little injured. So you want to be safe, stick with my 90 degrees
here and just come back up. Just like that. So on your dips you want to do pretty much
as many as you can. You can go to failure. On your skull crushers you want to go with
about six sets. So six sets total, six sets of about 8 reps, 8-10 reps. When you come
to your dips either go to failure or go to about 10-15 reps. And if you feel like you
can do about 30 reps because you are very, very light you can always go ahead and grab
one of those weight belts and hang like a dumbbell on there or plate on there and you
can do more reps or more weight. So make sure you do six super sets nonstop, back and forth
with no rest, six sets total and after that you can come to bench-press. We are going
to go with the closed press bench. Alright, so on a closed press bench you want to make
sure that your grip is everybody has a little different. Ideally for me I like to grab about
six inches apart. Some people like to go little closer. The closer it is the more triceps
it works, but at the same time the more pressure on your wrist. So ideally I would say if you
have weak wrists or if it doesn t really feel right, the farthest out you want to go before
you starting working too much on your chest is probably about 12 inches. So 12 inches
is about right here. If you go any more than 12 inches it is almost like a regular bench-press
and even though it will work your triceps, it is going to work too much of your chest.
You may want to go and do another exercise. But a close grip bench if you can hold it
to about 6 inches apart that s perfect and it is going to really, really bring up the
triceps. It is a really good mass builder for big ass arms. Alright so lift it up. You
have to come down and keep your elbows slightly tucked in and right back up. Okay you don
t need to flare your elbows out like that, keep it tucked in and back up. So close grip
bench you want to do about 4 sets and about 8-10 repetition. So that s a little light
for me so I probably have to go up a little more weight. If you haven t done it before
test it out, always start off like work your way up in pyramid of weights until you find
a weight that you can do comfortably about 8-10 reps especially if you don t have a spot
mixture of the pyramid up. Next thing you want to do is to get one of those guys that
put on too much weight and fall off the bench and thereby stare at you and you kind of feel
weird. So make sure you pyramid up so it is safer and you will find that weight level
that s good for you. So six sets, supersets back and forth. 4 sets of close grip bench-press
and your triceps are going to be toasted. Watch the next videos next time on big ass
arm day for big biceps. For more workouts and nutrition videos go to the website,
and I will see you guys in the next video. Peace! gd[# [Content_Types].xml #!MB ;c=1
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Tricep Torture Workout

2026 Folder Collection
published on August 9, 2014
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